Monday, July 28, 2008

Kitchen friends (houseplants)

I love plants in the kitchen window! I grew up with my mom (and grandma for that matter) having beautiful houseplants in the kitchen window. Mom's window was FULL of pothos growing in a donkey cart/planter, and jars and glasses of starts (made the chore of dish washing easier:). So, naturally I want the same tropical feel over my sink. I want a full window that blocks out the view, yet lets in light, AND doesn't wack you in the head (me that is-I'm the dishwasher). Our kitchen window here has a tiny ledge and we haven't decided what to do about that yet. Probably extend it with a 1x6" ledge. These plants currently hang from a broom handle that spands the space between the cabinet tops. We will probably hang a wire shelf across the window. But for now-these babies make me smile!

On the left a var philo-

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On the right hoya strips-
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