Friday, July 25, 2008

I'M TAGGED! I'm feeling really special!:)

I got tagged again! Thank you LISA!!! You can tag me all the time.

1. 4 places I visit frequently:
*my mom's/brother's (they are neighbors)
*church (weekly as a matter of fact)
*my yard-I tour my little yard daily (hubby has the truck-so I don't go much)

2.4 People who call/Text/Email me regularly:
*Jennifer (who I babysit for AND VT with:)
*Donna (dear friend-I LOVE YOU)
*my kids (you know who you are;)

3.4 favorite Foods
*TAKE OUT - something I don't have to cook
*squash & zuccini saute

4.4 Places I'd rather be
*A long list of plant nurseries
*most book stores-full or 1/2 price
*my mom's house
*Heaven-but I'm waiting patiently on this one!

5.4 Movies I'd watch over and over (cant just pick 4-so I'm cheating and picking 4 groups:)
*ALL Disney movies
*Anything Jane Austin
*Most Hallmark movies (can you see the sappy girly love story theme here?)
*Silly Mormon movies

6.4 Bands/Groups I like to listen to...
*Third Day (LOVE EM)
*Nicole Nordman (or Nordeman?)
*Mercy Me
*Kutless (I like my Christian music loud:)

7. 4 people I am tagging:
I'll do this later;)

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Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Hey Carla, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! It sounds like you lead a very full life. We have a lot in common. I love nurseries and could wander through them ALL day. Where I live in Mexico we have some very beautiful ones and it is my favorite thing to do there. I also love Jane Austen movies! She is the best! Hey, I hope you think about entering my homemaking contest. I'll bet you could do a great post on gardening tips! Hope to see you again soon!