Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, for the love of the worms...

I finally got around to redoing my worm bed. I watched many videos on YouTube (some that led me to farming pot with worm castings (important stuff to know-NOT)), some really cute stuff too. Neat ideas on how to build stacking bins-cheap. So today, while I remembered I did it. Yesterday, while visiting mom, I shoveled up some old worm bed castings from a recently dumped freezer worm bed at the neighbors' (I AM going back-with MORE buckets), I got two 5 gallon buckets full and didn't even make a dent. This morning I broke up some of the stuff and picked the worms out (I've decided to wet a corner of the castings and let the worms move to it, then harvest them-and take the castings and feed my plants-less stress for me and the worms)
Then I went and checked my poor worm bed.

{some how I managed to loose the pasted picture of a bin like mine, here is the website with the same bin:}

My bin started out in the kitchen-but its big and in the way, so I put it in the backyard-with the intention of feeding it everyday with compost-but the backyard is gross and I don't want to go out there. So, it sat outside, in the heat, in the sun (shady-est spot I have) and dried up. Really dry! No sign of worms, I'm hoping they left eggs, but either way, I'm restocking worms. I layered newspaper, green yard waste, a chuck of castings, and more newspaper. It is going on the dryer where I can easily get to it, and will see it all the time to remind myself to check for moisture. I'm on the look out for a smaller bin set up (homemade or cheap purchase) for inside, and moving this big box outside and using it for the bottom of a stacking set up (in my new potting area), with putting a spigot on it for worm juice.

While looking for the picture above on the web, I found these-too cool huh?

Mini Kitchen Compost Bin

Mini Kitchen Compost Carrier - KC-1000

Kitchen Compost Bin

The Best Kitchen Compost Carrier - KC-2000

The best kitchen compost carrier on the market. This extremely popular kitchen composter is in 100's of thousands of homes worldwide. It is portable and perfect for short term storage of kitchen compost that was designed with home composting programs in mind. A special feature on this container is the optional carbon filter, which helps to eliminate odors caused by composting materials. With its wide opening it is easy to clean off dishes directly into the container, and the lid design only requires one hand to open.. All of the corners and edges are rounded so that it is simple to clean and empty, in addition to being dishwasher safe. The Kitchen Compost Carrier can also hang on a wall or cupboard door by way of two screw holes in the back.


Home Compost Bin

Home Composter Bin

The Home Composter is a 13 cubic foot family sized bin is perfect for kitchen waste and yard clippings. This composter features a locking lid with a self watering system which collects rain water and distributes it throughout the compost. The Home Composter has two slide-up doors which make harvesting the finished compost simple and easy. The door openings are large and come with a hands-free locking system when in the upright position.

And then this:

So much neat stuff!

I got up early and watered and planted some before it got to hot (at 8am,) and now am going to do my flylady stuff! God bless and have a GREAT DAY!!!

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