Monday, July 14, 2008

My stinkin Kodak program!!!

My stinkin Kodak program won't let me transfer pictures from my camera. Tell me, do you just put your pictures directly on you computer, or do you use a program? THEN do you post from that? Or do you use flicker/webshots/photobucket? What do you like best and why????? My Kodak program won't even let me open it and work it half the time-very fursterating!!!
(That said, I LOVE my camera:)

So, no outside-garden tour today:(, stinkin Kodak!! I wanted to add-I tried to upload directly to my computer-BUT MY DOG ATE THE CORDS!!!!! Can you believe it? WHO left it in the floor?
BAD DOG!!! (who is curled up in my lap asleep as I type;)

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