Monday, July 14, 2008

And Orchid I can grow! (Or She LIVES!)

Bought this beauty off of Ebay, in bloom back in Feb. (Happy Valentines day to me:)
Today She-a jewel orchid-is doing great! Look at her reach for the light-she likes to rotate:). She is in our master bath-which is well lit with a sunlight. She is in the same moss she came with, and gets watered once a week-if dry.
I can't describe the shine on her fat, lined, purple leaves (they remind me of the 'cool legging like pants worn by rockstars in the 80's (AND my 23 yo recently;)-the stems are kind of jew like-and I love jews. She' s the orchid for me! {maybe later, if I'm feeling brave enough I'll post a picture of the orchids I'm trying to kill:} I hope she'll bloom again, if not, I'm ok with the leaves and over all plant! Love my Jewel!

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