Saturday, December 25, 2010

O (little) Christmas Tree, O (little) Christmas Tree...

How lovely are your (little) branches...

This year I didn't get out the big tree.
I'm supposed to be packing to move.
I didn't want to set up the tree when I was really going to be packing up stuff.
(turns out, I didn't pack anything either:/, but that is a different post.)

I bought a little second hand tree ($1.50),
added this years (.25 cent) angel and called it good.
THEN I added a string of gaudy star lights ($1.00),
and blue beads ($1.00).
Not good enough.
THEN I added gold foil stars (.50 cents),
covered the base with tissue paper,
and attached this years 'couple' ornament Mr. & Mrs. Claus (.25 cents).
(gotta do my part for the economy and supporting my local thrift stores)

Ta Da!!! Perfectly Shiny and Gaudy!!
This little tree will go to its new home in the camper when I find the perfect box.

Merry Christmas,
Big or Small,
To One and ALL!!!