Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday is terrific!

Growing in an over planted root bound (needs re potting) washtub-my Glory Bower finally bloomed!
We got up early (big feat for me:)
Watered outside-
moved some sun lovers to replace some sun burnt plants on front porch-
planted herb/rose pot (I have lots more to pot up or add dirt too since we bought dirt yesterday (I love dirt!))
Now I'm back inside and am going to clean house today (15 min at a time) with home blessing hour.
This eve I will spread ant poison and 7 dust after Visiting Teaching (I have to find some little game or something for this sister's kiddos to do while my partner shares the message-hhmmmmm)
Yesterday hubby and I spent the whole day together:
Paid bills :)
To food storage we added:
8 pk soap
2 toothpaste
1 cornmeal
1 white flour
1 6 gal water container
We bought a part for the weed eater-and replaced the lawnmower (both were murdered the same week).
Hubby accidently shut Uno (our old cat) up in the shed-By chance (thank you Holy Ghost), I heard her meow (she can't meow loud), as I passed by hours later and checked-no damage done-just an unhappy hot tired cat.
We took the old table out of the house (today I will clean the kit floor and put the new table in place).
Then he re-matted my Jesus puzzle, and hung up pictures on the walls (with mollies-we have mobile home walls and needed extra strength).
I love doing stuff with him:)
It really is feeling like home.
Yep-its all coming together! I'm so blessed!
{Prayers for our southern TX and the hurricane Dolly cleanup}

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