Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meet the beasts...(take 2, shooting for more than one pic:)

Mellow Joe Santana, my hero.
What an easy going happy basset guy. Mell is over 10 years old and still seems to be doing well. He doesn't like pictures, so he was bribed with rib bones here. I wanted to post him smiling, because he usually is. He is hubby's boy, and he does return all that devotion in a way only Mellow can. He has a page on dogster.com.

Reba Marie.
She is our 2yr old basset. Not real bright, but she makes up for it in happiness. What a happy girl, unless you leave her alone, then cry cry whine whine howl howl, on and on. Laura June likes to sit on her, and you can see Reba doesn't mind at all. She has her own page on dogster.com.

Uno Bambino
Uno is over 10 also. She is a manx with a fluffy rabbit like bobtail. We can count on Uno to grace us with her presence, and alert us to level of the food bowl. She really is a pretty cat. She has her own page on catster.com.

Spunky Kitten
Tabby cat. My youngest brought this little girl home, and she is WILD! Play play play nap nap nap! So much fun. Sisi is just crazy about her, and her about Sisi. She has her own page on catster.com.

Tiny Kitten
Dilute calico. Found on the highway all alone, we are really enjoy the cute-ness of this baby. She also has her own page on catster.com

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