Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thus sleeps the feet of a giant...

{Ralph David Wayne almost 7 months old}
Nothing is sweeter than baby feet. This guy is so busy that his feet only stop when he is asleep. In one month I have watched him master sitting up and crawling, all the time smiling, laughing, grunting, growling or crying. A gift from God. These feet will grow to be a giant. A giant sent here to change the world. The future is in these little precious feet. And I am privileged to hold them in my hand.

"I am a child of God.
And He has sent me here...
Lead me,
Guide me,
Help me find the way,
Teach me all that I must know,
To live with Him someday."
(I am a Child of God, children's song)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Homemaker Barbi! I LOVE this picture - my son's feet were the first thing I wanted to feel on him when he was born because I had been feeling them walking across my midsection the whole time I was pregnant! What beautiful grandkids you have. Have a great weekend :)
Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

Carla said...

Thank you for the comment! I love your site! My youngest (now 17) kicked the fire out of me when I was pregnant, and I could put my hand on my stomach and he would press his foot in my hand. Ahh memories!