Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The garden tour (or meet my babies): little tulip pot

Next to the tropical pot on the front porch is this plastic white rectangle pot:

In this pot some the sage plant suddenly died (I think someone was peeing on it)

So I added mint, back row: sage, green leaf jew, basket plant, sweet potato vines, parsley-cut way back and WAS full of little cats. Front row: skinny leaf jew, choc & mountian mint, wire frog from SC, and parsley

Before this pot had tulips planted (still in there) with herbs on top.

I hope the tulips come up next spring. These plants really like the water and full sun. Tour continues tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love herbs! I've planted them for years. Use to be a member of an herb society when I lived in Oklahoma years ago. Wish I could find another one. We had so much fun! I love your plantings and think you will thoroughly enjoy them!

Becca said...

We feed all unwanted caterpillars to the fish in our outdoor pond. They love it!