Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Musings...a weekend in review

Saturday was a big Temple day for mom, hubby and I:
first a wedding/sealing, a lovely princess living the fairytale and her prince, surrounded by family (pictures and more info later),
then sealings of our own family (BIG smile here),
youth baptisms including our 17 yo (they did 574!) and some of our family names,
trip to the LDS bookstore (the artwork of Jesus on display alone is worth the trip! We bought a movie, Ensign-our subscription has expired and I just renewed:), tie clip, and workbook),
to the plant nursery to spend my birthday money (thanks mom!) on herbs for my new wheelbarrow-herb bed (more about that later;),
FRYs electronics-hubby needed to have his new laptop fixed (bought a wheat/grain grinder for my kitchen aid mixer (HOWEVER I think for the same price I can get a grinder attachment for wet AND dry stuff, so the plan is to surf the web later today, and return the dry grain grinder to FRYs),
Italian restaurant for supper (cal zone-yumm! And the best bread and salad-mmmmm),
and (of course) Walmart for groceries (just the necessities).
Taylor (17 yo) got home minutes before us (he left the Temple with the youth and they ate out-thanks to those who made that possible), spent a quiet hour together before bedtime. Long beneficial day.

Church-wonderful message about being prepared spiritually, physically, materially.
Jr. Primary-slide show of Ammon the missionary (they were spell bound!)/singing time with a magnet fishing pole (visitors won:)
6/7 yo Sunday School-Blessed is the Peacemaker-I can be a peacemaker, Jesus shows me the way, this is a treasure from the teachings of Christ. The kids were so good! And made wonderful cards to send to our missionary friend.
Visit with mom/brother-we walked of the land mom wants to buy next door:), I toured her garden (hot and dry and wilted in the heat of the day), and visited with Brent in his cool air conditioned house-aka 'the cave'.
Home in eve with hubby and Taylor to watch 'Mobsters and Mormons' (funny-we laughed and laughed)!
Hubby tried to call Tiff (but she must have been out;), Mike called from Austin.
Nice full day!

I feel fully blessed and recharged!

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