Monday, July 28, 2008

The garden tour (or meet my babies): starting over:)

Ready? I know your excited! (all pictures are click-able)

LauraJune says "Lets go"
Out the front door we go-on to the deck-straight ahead is the big tropical plants pot

Stepping out, looking to the left you can see the moon plant-this thing has grown so big in just two months-

Two more weeks growth-its so big now that it has flopped over-turned back up-and bloom, bloom, blooms!

This was the tropical pot in May 2008, the day I planted it-as I said before-I had alot of tropical plants (because BEFORE I had a place for them), so I stuffed them all in one pot and put it right on the front porch/deck. Its the first thing you see when you open the door-(it is a waterhog-actually everything on the front porch are waterhogs)

This is it this week, it has (this is a repeat-sorry), jasmine, 4 types of sweet potato vines, petunias, sedum, jew, perennial ground cover (blooms yellow), hibiscus, peppercorn vine, purple leaf plant, butterfly blue pea vine, & ???tropical (see below)

What is this tropical plant? see the little glossy leaves? more of an upright than flopper-if you know-tell me

My jasmine in bloom-not real smelly (darn)
In this pot-the only thing that is hardy here is the yellow blooming ground cover.

Tune in tomorrow! (computer willing:) God Bless-Carla


Eve said...

I have seen that blue flower on someone's blog lately. If I find it, I wiil get back to you.

I love your tropical pot. I should do that to some of my plants. Just marry them. : )

Kelli said...

Your summer blooms are so pretty! I love the moon plant!