Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The garden tour (or meet my babies): plant stand

A gift from my Aunt Rena, I have always wanted one of these. My Aunt is an estate dealer (is that the term?) and has MARVELOUS pretties in her old main street two story house (it is girly girl heaven), my grandma had one of these on her porch (FULL of plants) and now mom does. I was so excited to bring this baby home and have a spot for it.

plant stand 05/08
These plants were tried first. These are tough old house plants.

plant stand 07/08
Then I added some more. My plants have never had such full hot hot sun. At first they were all doing great. But in July if finally got hot and sun bleached or burnt some of the plants.

stand now 07/08
So I moved out the burnt plants, and replaced them with some stuff I already had-that like hot ETexas sun.

#1 pot fuzzy & purple swiss ivy, hardy gloxina
On top is are two Swedish ivys-fuzzy and maroon (yes its that sun bleached), and a hardy honeysuckle gloxina (this will be moved down to get more shade)

#2 a fern, purple jew 07/08
next is an asparagus fern and purple heart jew-tough and sun proof

#3 salvia 07/08
new to the stand is a root bound hardy red saliva, this is what it looks like when its not watered-poor baby-this will be re potted (you can see the red bloom in the previous pictures)

#4 airplane, spider, swedish ivy 07/08
next is a good old green airplane plant, a spider plant (with really orangish stems), more Swedish ivy, and a weed-this plant has really kept its color

#5 yellow lantana
new to the stand is a new gold lantana, this will be repotted and moved to the top, you can see the blooms down further-you can also see the spider plant babies)

#6 a fern, purple jew 07/08
another asparagus fern and purple jew

bucket w/taro, marg 07/08
this is taro and marjoram (and a VERY dead rose bush)

a fern, purple jew 07/08
going down the stairs are three asparagus fern and purple jews in pretty matching white (self watering) pots. These plants and pots were given to me last year by a dear friend. We had a beautiful covered front porch and these guys looked great hanging there. I was so happy to have a spot for them at this new place. Man they can take the sun!

Well thats enough for today-tune in tomorrow-we are actually leaving the front porch!!!


Little GrumpyAngel said...

I love plants. I grew up in a lush green tropical country. But, alas, plants don't love me. My Mom says my hand burns them. Sad :-(

Carla, I really like your blog title and the mellow topics you cover so I left something for you in my blog. Please check it out when you get the chance.

Becca said...

Is that taro edible? I have some of those same weeds in my garden. And, I have two of those old iron planters. Right now, we're not using them for much of anything but they're beautiful even empty. Someone was throwing them out.