Monday, July 21, 2008

These guys are in my masterbath (houseplants)

These guys are in my master bathroom (this is the coolest house, with shelves for plants, sunroof (actually a sun bubble), and window in the bathroom-my plants LOVE IT! This is the same room the jewel orchid is doing well in.) The left has a snake succulent, begonia big angel wing, begonia small angel wing, and philo. I think I'm going to take cuttings from the philo and see how it goes. Maybe the begonia too.

I needed a pot for the plants on the left, and found this purple one at a garage sale-perfect size, and my bathroom is purples AND I love purple! The prayer plant on the right just grew all its leaves back.

It looked like this when I bought it-you can see its already browning at the tips of the leaves-then it got bugs-I sprayed it-lost all of its leaves-so I cut it back hard-and came back from the root. The lighting and moisture is just right in the bathroom.

I bought the philo and prayer plant at Lowes-they charge too much for their houseplants-and I have no self-control:).

UPDATE: click-able photos:

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