Sunday, August 31, 2008

Son-Day: In You

I put my hope in you
I lay my life in the palm of your hand
I'm constantly drawn to you O Lord
In ways I cannot comprehend

It's the creator calling the created
The maker beckoning the made
The bride finding what she's always waited for
When we find ourselves that day

In you where the hungry feast at the table
The blind frozen by colors in view
The lame will dance, they'll dance for they are able
And the weary find rest
O the weary find rest in you

It's no secret that we don't belong here
though set apart by the grace of you
We look for the day when we go to a place
Where the old become brand new

O we will find rest in you
We will find hope
We will find rest
You are our refuge
You are our sanctuary
We come you Lord

Cool picture-huh? See all the angels in the clouds? Cool.
"I'm constantly drawn to you, O Lord, in ways I cannot comprehend." I can't escape. Sometimes I try and you follow me. You haunt me. I am thankful for it, too. The work has already been done-all I have to do it use what has already been laid out for me.
I AM happier when I do.
Help me trust,
help me apply,
help me be the child you desire me to me
In Jesus' Holy Name
God bless us all, Amen
In You by Mercy Me

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Week In Review

Just some pictures of this week-
This has been a nice quiet week-
With exciting phone calls from Children #1,2,3,5 and visit from #4 (with grandbabies:).
#6 & 7 are here blessing me everyday (almost:).

Thank you kids for checking in, your dad and I LOVE to hear from you!
Misty brought the babies over-LauraJune is 21 mos old & David is 8 mos old and cutting teeth (drooly snotty swollen eyes tired fussy darling-it was so sad it was funny!) They are getting huge quick! Misty treated me to dinner.
My baby has started football season-he's #44 in these pictures, afterward dad always goes down and talks to him. He actually gave me the I see you nod while getting a drink of water (mom's NEVER outgrow living for 'the nod'!:) My 'extra' (one of three sibs I babysit) is waterboy-this was his first game and he worked his hiney off! (I love the picture of him with my #44:). The picture of him looking back is him giving HIS mom 'the nod'. My 'extra' (other two sibs I babysit) girls loved my furbabies and it was picture perfect, lots of loving going on-jealous Sisi making sure she is in BOTH pictures. Mikey is in and out still waiting on the military. He's not here long enough to be a true couch potato:)

I don't know what we have planned for the weekend-I plan on getting with hubby and laying out our plans. Nothing radical-just chilling! Happy Labor Day to us all! Take some time off! WE deserve it!

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Husband Rocks!: I promise...

These weekly reminders of how great my hubby is really help remind me daily. I need it:). Wednesday I saw this comic in Sunday's paper. WOW it really hit me! (I'm sorry its so small-double click for bigger size) All I saw was the last square.
A promise made over and over.
The minister says "It is a promise made...and a lasting, successful caring marriage is a promise kept...again and again and again."

Today I am keeping mine. I promised, I promise. So for my sweetie-

"If I had two dead rats, I'd give you one"
I promise to love you NOW (the hard part)
AND FOREVER (the reward;)!

By the way: My husband ROCKS!!!:): Join KatyLin at for more "My Husband Rocks!"

Show & Tell: Tick Tock (wanna see my clock?)

Show and Tell
Thanks for joining me! Join others for Show & Tell!

Well, wanna see my clocks???
I guess I have a thing for old 70's style plastic wall stuff.
I KNOW I have a thing for EBAY!!!
Last week was my hip flirty eyes, swishy tail, kitty cat clock-
Well, I don't want any (clock) one to feel left out
(they might quit working-perish the thought)
so here's the rest of the family
(except one that still packed up;)

Burwood Frog! love love LOVE IT! Its in the 'frog' bathroom-(did I mention I love it???)

Burwood, in the kitchen. Really matches the yellowish wall color
(which really washes out in my pictures-trust me its pretty),
AND the super cool curtains that were here when we moved in!
Love this little "God bless our daily bread" reminder.

And Ol Grindy from Walmart. We started out with a Big Ben, cheap cheap cheap, which seems to get all noisy and grindy sounding as it get older. I have been know to wake up in the middle of the night and shake it to stop the grinding sound. We've tried other types, but this little Big Ben works best. The alarm is set for the morning wake up call, and placed on its face to cover the light (no I don't want to turn off the light-I might need to check it in the middle of the night.) It is amazing tolerant and reliable! When we go to get another one, we actually say 'Next time I'm at Walmart, remind me to get a new ol grindy.'

Do you have the time?????

Check out other blogs for Show and Tell!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I went out in the backyard to move my succulents to the front yard. I noticed LOTS of dirt piled in between the pots!

It kind of scared me. So I slowly peeked in the pots to see which one was missing the dirt. These pots have been in the backyard since May, pretty muchly on their own. I checked the right pot. Nope. I checked the left pot....

What was it? What to do what to do? Well, first run inside and get the camera (lol) and then CHECK IT OUT!!
Could be a toad (but I've never seen one dig all the dirt out like that and this pot was WAY UP HIGH)
Could be a squirrel (but we don't have squirrels here),
could be a....a...SNAKE (shutter the thought)
I had to see!

Notice that IT didn't bother the dirt filled pot with the dead plant in it!
NO..... IT dug a tunnel in one of my favorites!
A very expensive to replace plant!!!!
So...IT, WHATEVER IT was, has good taste...hmmm)

So I took the pot around front to my 'secret potting corner', and just look at all the dirt left behind! That dust pan is over full! Also notice how high this pot was off the ground...hmmmmmm

Further investation showed...NOTHING! just a tunnel all the way to the bottom! What was it? Where did it go??? WHY DID IT THROW MOST OF THE DIRT OUT OF THE POT???? The world may never know. But I can tell you I am happier now that its filled back up and where I can keep an eye on it! I repotted and added some small succulents:

Sedum Truffles, Sedum Angelina, Sedum Watch Chain Plant, Sedum Blue Carpet, Starfish (which just bloomed!), Huge Aloe, Basket plant Pretty-huh?

Also moved to the front is this hardy false aloe (can be used for burns),

And this pot of mixed succulents (forgot the name right now),

AND I potted up these hoya Ahola, and succulents kitchen window.

So, the mystery may never be solved.....Oh well,
I'm just glad I didn't find a snake in here-(((shivers)))


Tag info for little succulents (all from FTW plant swap (Thanks)):
Echeveria shaviana cv. ‘Truffles’ (in pot with big aloe)
Forms rosettes of fleshy up curving leaves with very crinkly edges. Excellent for windowsill culture or for dish gardens. Bright light is required to prevent ‘stretching’ of Echeveria. Very porous soil. Protect from frost. Hardy to 36f; to 4” +. Water thoroughly when soil is dry.
Sedum Angelina (in pot with big aloe)
Sedum Watch Chain Plant (in pot with big aloe)
Sedum Blue Carpet (in pot with big aloe)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008



{This is my favorite Greg Olsen piece...
Thanks to hubby for the actual framing and hanging}

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday! 08/26/08

I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday!

I wanted a way to post 'quick' yard tours and I think I'm going to participate in Bloomin' Tuesday. Our weather has been cooler this year (so far) I think we only reached 100 a couple of days. AND we have had wonderful rain! I re-potted and trimmed my roses, and they are really rewarding me.

So, lets go!
Wet Wild Blue Yonder (hopefully it will be more blue when its cooler:)

Lots of Valentine Rose Blooms-

Valentine Rose-nearly spent

Beautiful Valentine Rose

Midnight Blue Rose

Ebb Tide Rose

Midnight Blue Rose

Wine Cup Rose

Little mini rose (supposed to be purple-and its not!)

Moon plant bloom!

Moon plant-wonderful sweet spicy smell!