Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Secret in the making...

We moved to this house in May, the yard is small, so the shed has to go in the front yard, making a little corner for my secret garden. I had to wait for the shed to be leveled to really organize it. Then the shed had to be moved out from the fence five feet, which gave me a secret potting area:). My youngest, Taylor owed me some yard work, and yesterday, wonders occurred!
He moved everything out, laid down landscape fabric, and replaced everything. It is wonderful! Later the fabric closest to the house will be removed and a cardboard/mulch flowerbed will be started. The fabric will be trimmed up, extra pavers and blocks moved, mulch laid down. Later the secret garden floor will be leveled out so the pavers lay flat. But this will do for now.
Thank you Taylor for all your hard work, this is my favorite view as I step out of my front door.


Anonymous said...

How cool-- a secret garden. I always wanted one. In a sense I guess that is what my daughter's garden will be. It is up against our house on a long side and the deck on a short side.

Carla said...

Its my favorite place to sit and plan or plot, or just soak (up nature:).