Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tis the (Birthday) Season...

Fall and Winter is Birthday Season 'round here!

Happy Birthday
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A few of our birthdays are earlier in the year, BUT most happen starting late September. For those keeping track (and because I just feel like it today:) here is our line-up:

03/04/1970 Brother b-day
04/09/1985 SS Aaron b-day
05/03/1943 Mom b-day
06/27/1966 My b-day
07/13/1982 SD Tiffany b-day
(Ok, ready? Here we go!)
09/22/1988 SS Michael b-day
10/07/1990 DS Taylor b-day
10/08/1986 DD Misty b-day
10/20/1942 My dad's b-day
10/31/1985 DS Eric's b-day
11/08/1962 Hubby b-day
11/10/2006 1st grand Audrey b-day
11/11/1912 My Grandma's b-day
11/28/2006 2nd grand LauraJune b-day
12/17/2007 3rd grand David b-day
12/21/1987 DS DJ's b-day
12/25 Jesus b-day

{Stats: 1-7=5 b-days; 9-12=12 b-days}

Yes, busy! Busy! BIG BLESSINGS TO ALL MY PEOPLE!!! Whenever their big days are!!
AND Happy Birthday to you and yours! (Happy Anniversary also:)


TJ said...

Oh My, that's a big clump of birthdays! Ours all seem to hit in July. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I said she'd be born in June because we didn't need another July birthday in the family. Well she was born June 30th, so she kicks off the mass of birthdays!

Sorry I was away, glad to be back blog visiting.

Grammy said...

Great post. Happy birthday to them all. Today is Jeremy's bday.I was on the phone with his Mom when he got home from school. So I was able to sing him Happy bday on the phone. I will be at there home the last week of Oct to help them with the final move this way. I am so excited to have them close again.
Have a great day my friend.