Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Week In Review...

What an excitingly normal week!

Wednesday night: Primary Presentation Practice. (our little ones do the church service this Sunday-its going to be precious:) I'm in charge of reminding my kiddos (6/7 yo darlings:) when their turn is, what they say, and not to hog the microphone, or rock their chairs and fall off the stage! Fun fun!! Our leaders are so awesome! Love 'em.

Dr. Phil on Friday, asked if you would be ok with your ex-spouse moving on to a younger woman? Answer: NO! HECK NO!! Guess we need to stay together:)

Completely caught up with the new Battlestar Galatica series. My sweet brother has provided me with the DVDS. Little to much sex for my kids. GREAT story!!!

Was totally zapped by the holy ghost, and am looking forward to moving forward:)

Watched James A. Michener's 'Texas' movie on VHS, I borrowed it from mom. I was thoroughly enjoying it, THEN the last few minutes there is this frantic scene in the Mexican village, and out of the blue-I see B**BS bouncing across the screen!!! WHAT????? What was the point in that??? Really now Aaron Spelling! Was that necessary???
(Watch out, this movie is not rated)

Hubby and I went to the movies and saw HIS movie choice
(last week I insisted we see Beverly Hills Chihuahua-LOVED IT!),

not much to choose from. We picked Max Payne. I wonder if drug use enables users to see demons that others can't??? Hmmm, yet another reason to stay away from the stuff. Great action film. We knew nothing about it (hubby likes to know the whole story before we go, I like to be surprised), and Mark Wahlberg as angry action hero does not fail.

Came home and told Mike what we saw and he said it was a video game. I know so little about life. :)

Came home from movie, and Walmart, to Tay coming home 10 minutes before curfew (yea Tay).
He parked in the ditch, like always. So, Friday, the next day, a guy pulling a single wide mobile home in front of our house (we live on the main corner of our mobile home park-AND I DO NOT LIKE IT!!), needed to make a corner turn, and asked me to move Tay's truck. One, I can't drive it. Two, I don't have keys-Sorry.

Then I remembered where the spare was. So I go give it to the man out there (who starts fussing me out-which I quickly stopped) and had him move the truck. These must be new drivers, they took out my neighbor's stop sign. Missed her pretty brand new flower bed and water pipe thing-thank goodness. Oh the joy of a corner lot!

Friday night football! Little chilly, next week I'm wearing my long johns! My baby, Taylor had a good game. He plays hard no matter what. Sure is fun when you win. The next two games are going to be tough. Not impossible, just tough. (I forgot camera-plus the kodak program on my computer and I are still at odds)

I have my little girls today, they are busy watching Veggie Tales (on regular TV:) and holding patient kittens. (Sweet stuff) Hubby will be home early enough to go with me to Lowe's for home repair stuff. I'm excited! So I'm off to pay some bills, and balance the check book, so I'm ready at 3p.


From Oprah Friday:

Amazing Grace with bagpipes no less!!! (Il Divo, Amazing Grace, album The Promise)

{Prayer request-if you read this, and you don't mind, we could use prayers our way.
My step-son, Mike has a half-brother. Mike came to live with us when he was 5 1/2 yo. Half-brother stayed with the mother. The mom is emotionally imbalanced, and grandma was in charge. Now grandma is physically ill and mom is not doing well at all. Half-brother is 16 yo and that's hard enough without all this other stuff. Pray that the Lord will work His wonders. That His will be done, and we stay awake and hear HIS guidance. Thank you and bless you!}


Rosa said...

Prayers are going up as I type!

Rosa said...

Wow! NOW I watched the video. That cd is going on my Christmas wish list. That was awesome.

Lisa Loo said...

Great post---will definitely pray for you and yours. Amazing Grace was amazing!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Sad situation for the half-brother. We'll keep you and yours in our prayers.

Heard nothing but approval for BH Chihuahua. Gotta see it.

And No! I would NOT be okay with being dumped for a younger woman. So my hubby and I are stuck with each other :-)