Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barely Bloomin' Tuesday :( 10/28/08

So far, the Kodak program and I are still not working together.

So I wasn't going to Bloomin Tuesday, today:(

HOWEVER I came across these previous pictures of a pet of mine.

I love any plant from the Jew family (if you really want I can find all the Latin names). I stuck a whole bunch in one pot and really love it.

There are bunching types, with purple and green leaves. Some green on top, purple underneath, some striped leaves. All the leaves are fleshy.

The most showy and fastest growing one is a fat, fuzzy, light green leaf running type.
As these grow, they grow long, and up, until they get to heavy and drape.
She kind of reminds me of an octupus.

Or Medusa.

Last night was a freeze warning, so hubby, and Mike helped me bring my babies in.

We made the usual 'Midnight Run'. I live in the option that plant moving must be done by moonlight (or at least flashlight:)

I didn't know exactly who is precious, or a repeat, so they all came in for the night.

They are all in the kitchen floor. I need to go through and decide who REALLY needs to come in and WHERE I'm going to put them. UGH! SO, today everybody is going BACK outside, to be trimmed up and cleaned. Plus, now I'll HAVE to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. UGH! Double UGH! So imagine my small kitchen table area FULL TO THE RIM with lush tropical beauty, VERY Eden like, dirt and bugs and all.

We haven't even had a frost yet!!! And its already back up to 50/60 now. Tonight its suppose to dip back to possible freezing then 50/70 for the rest of the week. I might just leave them where they are til Thurs. Crazy. But that's Texas weather for ya! Hope none of your babies froze.

Stay warm!!! Stop and notice some of nature's wonders today!!!

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday to you all!
I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday! Come join in or see others!


Unknown said...

I love the Jew family too. I have two hanging baskets of them with ornamental potato vine and they are beautiful! Our weather is crazy here as well.

Unknown said...

I have some Crinums growing in a pot without dirt too, they are very tough. The school was throwing them out on my husbands construction site and he brought them home last summer. I would love to see a wine one.

Anne Fannie said...

I love the jew plants. They are so easy to grow and so easy to make more plants! You take good care of them from the awful Mr. Frost!
Love, Ann

Grammy said...

Good morning Carla. I had a wondering Jew once. But I do not have a green thumb for indoor plants. I am glad to see you do.

Nola said...

You have a partner in crime, my dear! I was a bit further north doing the same thing; dragging plants in and covering them up in the wee small hours! I shoulda listened to the weather report earlier in the day. I threw blankets over several, and even though it dipped down in the mid 30's, they appear to be okay!
I have that really dark Jew, forget the name, I just call it purple Jew.

Jean said...

Love the colors of these plants. I used to have indoor plants but gave up on them. hope you don't loose any. It's in the 30's here and snow expected tonight. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Suzanne said...

We had a thick layer of frost here (Front Range Colorado) this morning, but today it is in the mid 70's. Crazy weather! These plants are beautiful -- love the magenta color with the green.

Sweetie said...

It is cold and VERY windy in Pennsylvania. My mother always planted wondering jew in planters with geraniums. She would bring in some vines for the winter and plant them again the following summer. She kept the neighborhood ladies supplied. The vine that reminds you of an octopus is unique.

Deb said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today Carla! Great Bloomin' Tuesday post.

Tammy said...

I must admit I don't have a green thumb, but I love plants! So it was fun to see your "babies"! :)

Aiyana said...

I too have several species of Tradescantia. I like to keep cuttings growing in a bottle on my counter. I've had one started about 10 years ago. Leaves die out, and more get started. I think it could go on for 100 years!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

You take such good care of plants. You are a faithful steward of flora :-)

DP Nguyen said...

What cool plants!

Laurie and Chris said...

I love the color of this plant!!

kesslerdee said...

I was recently given a purple jew in a pot- I've never had any luck with the one that keeps trying to grow in my front flower bed though.

Anonymous said...

I really like the purple varieties of this plant. Nice display for Bloomin Tuesday. :)