Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday: 10/30/08

Feeling a little 'funky' today, so I decided to BE THANKFUL before the 'funk' gets TOO stinky, and I end up with a headache (and possibly saying stuff I don't want to say I'm sorry for:)
She (Grace) did senses, I'm doing what I should be thankful for.
~my hubby-who can irritate me faster than anyone else, I am thankful that he loves me ANYWAY, I sure don't deserve it.
~my Visiting Teacher, Sis B, who loves me. And is coming to see me at 1:00 pm today to share her love with me.
~that my house is not TOO BIG OF A WRECK. And I will have it presentable before Sis B gets here. (and I am ABLE! my only limitation is procrastination:)
~my super wonderful Kirby vacuum who I can rely on to clean up the grass my bigfooted men brought in. (and the new bags I was able to buy for it:)
~my broom and dust pan, and that I actually know how to sweep a floor (thanks mom:)
~my dishwasher's brokenness-will be easily fixed (and is currently holding the dirty dishes I refuse to wash:)
~my oven is holding the rest of the dishes I refuse to wash (teenson-I love you!!)
~that I kind of know where the papers on the washing machine are so I can call today for a repair man. AND that it can wash what HAS to be done today (hubby's work clothes).
~I'm praying she, Sis B, won't want to use our bathroom, because teenson went on a fly killing spree, and I REFUSE to clean up the dead bodies. Love the boy HATE the mess!!
~my new screen door letting in the fresh air (and NOT the crazy amount of FLIES that hover by the door this time of year) that I am blessed to have today (I think stuffy-ness might send me over the edge:)
Thanks God! Help me pull my head out of this 'funk'!!! God bless you all!!!


Shauna said...

What a beautiful post! You have lots to be thankful for :) Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

Julie said...

Way to see the glass half full--we all have those"funk" days. I hope your visit with Sister B. is great. My visiting teacher visited me last night at the ward Halloween carnival. We both have had a crazy month. Take care. Julie

Rhonda said...

well get in an occasional funk (sometimes not so occasional!)

Way to remember some good things to hopefully take the edge off! Take care!

Rhonda said...

I meant WE ALL get....

Nola said...

What is with all the flies; we've got them INSIDE, worse than they ever were all summer! Don't worry, "funk" is a temporary state of mind; it'll all be better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the unky funk. Sound like your gratitude list helped though. I hope you had fun with Sis B.~~Dee

SAH in Suburbia said...

Great list. I hate getting in a funk.
I wish I had a kirby vacuum!!