Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Than Just a Friend: Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dad was born October 20, 1942, in East Texas to Joseph and Pauline.
He was son #4 out of five children.
I did not call him daddy while he was alive.
I did not love him with a free heart.
He did not know how to show love my brother and I, and later when he became sick, it was very hard to show love to anybody. Barely mom.
Daddy died in July 1999.
I know he was allowed to wait til mom was able to be with him.
ALL his grandchildren happened to be in town and were able to go to the funeral.
Since then, I have come to appreciate the man he was.
I am able to choose what memories I hold on to and re-visit.
My daddy was quite a handsome fellow.
He had a twinkle in his eye.
He had a talent of making others feel important.
He could out quip anyone.
He taught me morals, and respect.
He loved my mother with every fiber of his being.
It showed in his face when he looked at her.
They were best friends and were so reliant on each other.
He loved doing things with family.
He loved visiting others.
He made sure we attended church.
He made sure we respected our mother.
He had wanderlust, always looking for something better.
He moved us a lot all over Texas, never out of town during the school season, with a new job already lined up.
He decided to be a mortician because it was steady work and always needed.
He was perfect at respecting and comforting others in their time of loss.
He made sure that the gross part of his job was kept from my brother and I.
I know he watches over me.
I know he watches over my mother and it comforts me.
I feel his presence and I love him now, the way I couldn't then, with a free heart.
I look forward to seeing him again, and loving him the way we both can now.
I love you daddy, and I miss what we weren't, and look forward to what we will be!
I am now proud to call you my friend!
(I do not have any pictures of my dad on this computer, however my son DJ (on the side bar) looks just like him)

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Denise said...

Such a precious tribute to your dad, bless you.

Needled Mom said...

What a loving tribute to your father. I am so glad that you can appreciate your love for him and his love for you at this point in your life. So often that never happens.

Zaroga said...

This is such a lovely tribute. A lot of love went into it.

Shauna said...

How awesome :)

Grammy said...

Good morning. & Happy birthday to your dad. I forgot you were already doing more than a friend.
But I want to let you know you too are more than a friend to me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your dad Carla. What a lovely post to pay tribute to the man you've come to love and respect as more than a friend.

Nola said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. Even though it wasn't perfect, I'm sure he loved you in whatever way he could. Love never dies, so keep holding on to his love, it can still bring you comfort!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome tribute to your Dad!


Tammy said...

What a touching tribute to your dad, Carla.

My own relationship with my father was both great and horrible, loving and not...he battled alcoholism during part of my growing up years but was able to quit drinking and come back to the Lord...and now I am able to look back at his life in a more positive light too!


Lisa Loo said...

What a beautiful tribute! I am always gtrateful for the extra time the Lord gives us to come full circle with the hard things in our life.

Julie said...

What a tender post. It sounds like you have a loving heart and and gentle spirit. thanks for sharing this. Julie

TJ said...

What a wonderful post! I truly believe the Lord often gives us time to say our goodbyes before we leave this earth. My grandma left with my mom and aunt at her side singing one of her favorite songs, and now I cannot remember the name of the group, but it was a gospel song she loved.

Renee said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your father! Thank you for sharing.