Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More Than A Friend...My Birthday Girl!

Sherry, of The Journey Back, came up with the idea for this new meme. More Than A Friend...
(she is even coming up with a linkable button and Mr. Linky! WooHoo!)
Today my More Than A Friend is my birthday girl

My daughter Misty. With a bunch of boy's (three birth, two step) in my life, my ONE step-daughter, and ONE daughter are very special to me. I am amazed at their strength and insight!

Misty has been the strongest person I have ever met from day one.
To be entrusted with this incredible little soul was quite an honor.
To watch her grow, well, it takes my breath way.
{I love this picture! The kids are tired of pictures, and there is my girl, smiling though 'real life'}

Today Misty is 22 years young. Her whole life ahead of her. Misty is married with two perfect babies, and one on the way. Misty is in charge of her life. Misty, you are my hero. You were sent here to change the world. You have such a strength, and ARE so much! You are more than JUST a mommy, JUST a wife, whatever you do, YOU will go far! I am honored to have known you since before you were born, and everyday since. I enjoy who you were, who you are becoming, and who you are NOW!
{Lets cut those babies out! My pretty girl, on her second Mother's Day 05/08}

Happy Birthday Lady! I LOVE YOU!


Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Misty!!!!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, Misty! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Lisa Loo said...

What a beautiful post! Its a gift to be friends with our chilldren--isn't it? I like her eyes--she seems like a woman who "knows"--

Julie said...

What a sweet birthday wish to your daughter. I hope she has a happy day. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. How wonderful to have the insights from others--thanks so much. Julie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Misty!

GranthamLynn said...

How Carla,
What a lovely post. And of course tell Misty Happy Birthday. I really considered writing about my daughter too. I am so glad that you did. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us how special she is. And thanks so much for joining me in celebrating friends and daughters too.
I am honored that you chose to share today and thanks so much for your sweet comments!
Many Blessings to you Misty and the family.

Little GrumpyAngel said...

You are blessed with a beautiful daughter! This is a wonderful tribute to her. Thank you for sharing with us her outer beauty through the photos and her inner beauty through your words. Happy birthday, Misty!

Carla, your grand babies are sooooo cute!

Casa De Galletti said...

Oh your daughter is a cutie but she has the eyes of a spitfire. I like kids that challenge us to be the people that we should be.
Congratulations for popping her out 22 years ago!

Lisa said...

Aww! So much love in this post!
What a blessing to have been gifted with terrific daughters!