Tuesday, September 2, 2008

no stinkin bloomin tuesday for me...

My camera batteries are low, bummer! With my new camera you can't use regular batteries, NO, you have to use fancy batteries! And, I have a sinking feeling, when on my 'port', it continues to drain my fancy smacy batteries, instead of using the port power!!! AND I'm not going grocery shopping till the end of the week!!! OH THE HORRORSSSSS!!!!

So, to make myself feel better, I ordered sock monkeys for the grandbabies!!! I'm so excited!!! Isn't this the sweetest thing? Because of Nola's (Alamo North) link to the sock monkey lady (Madam Z), and because I was 'deprived' of one as a child, I decided the grandbabies NEEDED sock monkeys for Birthdays (Nov 10, Nov 28, & Dec 17).
So when I checked Ebay, and saw this cutie, I was hooked!!!! I'll keep you updated on our new arrivals! (you can click this cutie for the link)


Nola said...

Yep, now you'll be hooked, too. My friend Madame Zelda got me hooked on sock monkeys, then rally monkeys. Now I live in a house full of monkeys! Literally and figuratively!
I've never seen them made with anything other than the "official sock monkey socks", but that one is really cute. I will send Madame Z over here to see yours!

Nola said...

Me again, sorry, one of these days I will learn to gather all my thoughts into one post (or maybe not).
I don't know about your new camera, but after changing the batteries several times in mine (cha ching, cha ching), I realized that if I turned off the viewing screen, and just looked through the viewfinder (the old fashioned way, like b4 we had digital cameras), that saved a LOT of battery juice! Those little video screens are nice, but they are battery hogs. Don't know how yours is, but you might see if you can try that on yours.
Change of subject - I had to flit on over to Madame Z and tell her how you called her "sock monkey lady", that will give her a laugh!

DP Nguyen said...

Sorry about your camera, that is frustrating, grr.

The sock monkeys are very cute!

Tammy said...

Oh dear...I know how I feel just when my camera battery goes out at a really important event! Those battery things are so frustrating!

But the sock monkey sure is cute! :)

Sandra said...

Oh no, I use rechargeable batteries and it's the ONLY way I can keep my camera going, otherwise I was always running out.

The sock monkeys are so cute, you know one of our fellow bloggers makes them and has them for sale on her Etsy store. Her name is Barb and she's from A New Chelsea Morning :)

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Mine has the fancy batteries too. I do take a lot of photos, but it seems I have to recharge it daily. Don't remember that on my last one. But it may be what Nola recommends. I'm spoiled now with that screen though.

Carla said...

I am going to look for recharge-able ones this 'round, for sure!! My pictures finally loaded!!! Happy me! The offical monkeys are so cute! It is hard to choose!