Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lazy May is my nickname:)

I have been bad bad bad! We went on a trip last week-so I guess I took this week off. I downloaded a yahoo online game AND bought the upgrade (something I never do) AND SPENT ALL NIGHT PLAYING IT (literally-up till 5:30 AM! Its Ranch Rush and I am addicited). Between that, and a day of shopping, and BLOGGING!!!! (actually visiting other people's blogs:), NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE HERE! I had piles of pots and pans in the kitchen for days waiting to be put back (in some order) in the cabinets, stuff on every inch of counter top, messy messy washroom waiting to be organized, a pile starting on hubby's empty side of bed (he is out of town), and one on my bedside table-for DAYS! The piles crept-eth in quick-eth:(. I have promised myself THIS house won't get that way, so, I took a deep breath, set my timer to 15 minutes and spent 15 on 15 off. 15 minutes of play time, 15 minutes of homekeeping (I won't call it work cause it wasn't)
Soo, here is my washroom!

This is my before picture: (and it has been WORSE!)

Hubby added a shelf (thank you sweetheart:). When we moved in the shelf in our closet came down (boom crash FULL of clothes:), and we replaced it with a wire organizer (thanks for that too sweetie), and used the shelf for washroom storage!

Since I don't have a place for these big things in the kitchen (and I have no pantry-they are going up here on top), I needed another shelf for cleaners and other laundry room stuff.

So here it is all nice and clean! The extra cleaners are just put up there for now. Ahh look at all the room!

Then I remembered I needed to put the worm bin and cat food back up there. So...this is the (current) finished job! I'm on the look out for a smaller worm bin, and the cat food will be going outside later.

Hubby hung this up, I think I'm going to get more hooks. This is a very shallow wall.

The animal food will be going outside when the covered area is built this fall, and I need to find something better for the step-stool (its also my high chair), and doggy gate.
Also I tidied up the backyard, rearranged the rabbit cage/compost pile, worked a hour in the shed, put up all the stuff in the kitchen, tidied up my bedroom, cleaned off my counter tops, AND had tons of guilt free computer time!!! Ok, times up-gotta get back to homemaking! Today is the kitchen floor (NNNNAAAASSSTTTYYY) and fridge (and MAYBE homeblessing hour:)



Nola said...

Well good luck; I promised myself when I moved LAST August I wouldn't let things get all cluttered up here....oooooops! One year later, clutter everywhere! I take a swipe at cleaning it every so often, but, once again, I've crammed too much stuff into to small a place! Oh, well, life isn't perfect...

Sue Seibert said...

Good for you. I much admire you. I HATE is work to me!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by my S&T this week, and for the lovely comments!

As for cleaning - oh, my. Ever since I retired, I've intended to get to all the "problem areas" of my house - so far only one has been resolved! I'll keep planning and will soon get to another one! I hope!

Anonymous said...

wow it looks awesome that is so inspiring!!