Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wed date day (BIG SMILE!)

{I'm having trouble sizing my pics from photobucket-if any one has any info I would appreciate it.}

Wonderful Wednesday with Wonderful Hubby! Hubby has planned to take off on Wednesday and Sundays. Wednesdays usually fall through. BUT the last two we have had the whole day (work free) together!!!!

Sooo-we planned to go to the Temple and do some family work, go to the cannery and get some food storage, go to the farmer's market (in Dallas) cause hubby likes farmer's market (he used to go and help sell produce with his dad) and come home-tired and satisfied.

Well the Temple is closed for cleaning until 08/05/08, so as an experiment we went to the cannery (his first time-he loved it!) and the farmers market. We came home with 'much bounty'!!!

We are going to compare prices and see if its cheaper to by cannery items online or drive over to Carrollton.

We also walked off the yard and discussed the 'winter' (really fall-we don't have much of a winter) garden. I'm so excited!!! Next payday we plan on getting meat rabbits (wonderful fertilizer!), fence for the front yard, wood to create the sq ft garden.

We spent our evening eating frozen pizza and watching a marathon of Eureka (a new series to us-so far very clean-very entertaining), hubby snapped 1 gallon bag of green beans to blanch and freeze (I DID hold the ziplock bag while he loaded it AND labeled the baggy-I'm so domestic!) while I looked up sq foot garden pictures on the web to share with hubby!! Very beneficial productive day!!! (we are so wonderfully boring:) YAHOOOOO!!!!

Gasoline to Carrollton & back- $Too much
6 #10 cans pinto beans- $Too much
6 #10 cans white beans- $Too much
6 #10 dry milk- $Too much
1 #10 can red wheat (out of wh) $Too much
1 6 gal water container $Too much
2 meals @ Arbys for lunch $Too much
1 1/2 bushel whole corn- $Too much
1 1/2 bushel tomatoes- $Too much
1 HUGE Israel melon- $Too much
1 mango for teenson $Too much
1 Frozen pizza for supper $Too much
1 cont sugar free ice cream $Too much
Day spent with sweetie PRICELESS


Anonymous said...

You couldn't possibly be more boring than me. I take two showers a day, without fail. (I'm compulsive; has nothing to do with cleanliness!) After supper, (usually a bowl of cereal) I take my shower, get into my nightgown and settle down with a magazine that's arrived in the mail or a good book. Now, that's my idea of good living! So I'm there with ya!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

I envy you for being as you say "wonderfully boring". Someday when the kids are all grown up and we don't have to be running all over the place anymore we plan to be just as "boring" and have as many "boring" days together...

Charlotte said...

Sounds like a busy productive day. The last line says it all.

Grammy said...

great post Hubby priceless.