Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday! 08/26/08

I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday!

I wanted a way to post 'quick' yard tours and I think I'm going to participate in Bloomin' Tuesday. Our weather has been cooler this year (so far) I think we only reached 100 a couple of days. AND we have had wonderful rain! I re-potted and trimmed my roses, and they are really rewarding me.

So, lets go!
Wet Wild Blue Yonder (hopefully it will be more blue when its cooler:)

Lots of Valentine Rose Blooms-

Valentine Rose-nearly spent

Beautiful Valentine Rose

Midnight Blue Rose

Ebb Tide Rose

Midnight Blue Rose

Wine Cup Rose

Little mini rose (supposed to be purple-and its not!)

Moon plant bloom!

Moon plant-wonderful sweet spicy smell!


Nola said...

I adore those moon plants, they were all over my other yard, I am just getting them started at this home. I also have a moonflower vine, but no blooms on it yet. I spied that lovely purple oxalys (that's not right, but you know what I mean); I am getting some of that next year for sure! I saw it in thebrendablog and fell in love with it.

Jessica said...

Your valentine rose really caught my eye - I was wondering it has a fragrance or not?

Dawn said...


Tammy said...

Wow...I can't believe how many varieties of beautiful flowers you have! I so don't have a green thumb, so I am loving seeing your garden! :)

JustinB said...

love the flowers Good photos

Laurie and Chris said...

Your roses are so pretty! The colors are great.

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!!

Jean said...

Thanks for joining Bloomin' Tuesday! Always great to see a new garden. All your roses and beautiful and your moon plant is amazing! I showed mine last week but it's potted and dies off every winter. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

TJ said...

These are all so beautiful! The house we just rented at the beach was called Ebb Tides, and now I'm thinking of that thanks to the flower name.

Suzanne said...

Wow - there's so much to see in your garden. I think the last one is my favorite -- the moon plant. Those white flowers are so bright and beautiful.

Kelli said...

Gorgeous flowers! I especially loved seeing your moon flowers. I only have had one bloom in my garden this year.

Sweetie said...

You have so many gorgeous flowers. I especially love your roses. Also, the moon plant is facinating. You have a lovely blog.

Little GrumpyAngel said...

I love your roses! I wish plants like me. I'm just glad there are people like you who know how to nurture these babies into blooming beauties. You keep the world pretty.

Deb said...

Great 1st Bloomin' Tuesday post :-)
Your garden is wonderful ~ beautiful roses & I love the moon plant!