Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Creative Bloggers Create...

Brenda of thebrendablog is hosting 'Where creative bloggers create'.
I kinda 'peeked' at the places already listed, and right off the bat-WOW!
ANYWAY, I wanted to show you my humble-messy corner!

My little desk is a garage sale find for 5 bucks. Very small and cheap it fits the bill. I had a bigger desk with shelves. BUT I was cluttering it up. So I down sized. It was also covering up a window. My computer has to be in the living room
one-because I still have a minor in the house;
two-because, when hubby is home, me on the computer, him watching tv is considered 'quality time';
three-because when I babysit, the kids play in the living room, so I can play on the computer;
fourth-see the tv? I can 'multi-task' watching tv and blogging! I can also watch things on the stove top (cant WAIT till a wall is built there!)
I didn't crop or clean up. I'm kind of pleased this is as messy as it gets!
The cords WILL be hid behind a board.
The little drawer, and divider will go in a drawer under the tv.
The cords plugging in the front of the computer (only one plug works) will be plugged in the back of the tower.
See my trusty camera? My timer (I have to limit myself to computer time to get something DONE 'ROUND HERE)? My printer? My chair swivels and reclines (it needs the seat recovered). I HAVE IT ALL!
Someday I will find the perfect PRETTY desk to house my 'creative spot' till now, this will do nicely! I look forward to checking out your spaces and getting some ideas!!!


Anonymous said...

I have learned today from visiting all the women on the tour that you can make something from pretty much nothing. It is marvelous learning all these new things. We all struggle with electrical cords and things that are just part of life. That's truly how bloggers create. With what they have to create with! Welcome to the tour!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Carla, you find the most interesting links in blogland. Thanks for leading me to Kelli's place. Show and Tell was pretty fun. By the way, nice blogging corner you have there. I'll pass on this fun link. My corner is too cluttered for show :-)

Rosa said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I had the same little desk you do for several years.
My garden room was a long time in coming, but, the Lord has blessed me richly with a beautiful space to create.
HE does stuff like that! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so tidy if that is as messy as you get! Loved your description of your creative space--I see we're both looking for the perfect desk to house our computer needs--one of these days we'll find what we want. I enjoyed meeting you through Brenda's tour! Oh, and you're the second person to mention a timer--I must get one of those--a great idea. said...

Don't you just love garage sale bargains? I couldn't do with out them, myself. good find on the desk!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carla ... Thank you so much for visiting my blog ! .. I love the multi-tasking spot that you have here .. I find that helps in the kitchen too : )
Wherever we set up to blog, it is truly a creative space .. I think we all do a great job of it : )
And .. I love flea market bargains myself girl .. they rule ! LOL

Lisa Cobler said...

You have a very comfy spot to create in. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, It's nice to meet you. I laughed when you said you had a timer to get you off the computer. Maybe that's what I should do. I just spent the morning cleaning upstairs and I couldn't wait to get back on the computer...sigh! Have a great week! ~ Lynn

Controlling My Chaos said...

Hi Carla, Linking in Blogger is easy. First copy the URL where you want to link to, then within your post (editing or making a new post) you'll want to highlight the word or words that you want to become a link. Then click on the little button that looks like a paperclip, paste in the URL you copied, and Voila! You know how to link now. Good luck.

garden girl said...

Very nice spot Carla, right where the action is so you can blog and keep an eye on things at the same time. Garage sales rock!

CurtissAnn said...

Oh, you are such a smart woman, the way you can be =right there= with hubby and kids. And organized! That is a beautiful window. My husband retired last year and got his own laptop. Do you know, sometimes I take my laptop down, and there we are each on our own laptop on the sofa. LOL! Quality time indeed. It does make us smile.

I love your site! I'm grateful to Brenda for the tour-- getting me 'out of the space' and meeting people.

TinaTx said...

Thanks for stopping by! You really don't know how much stuff you can cram into one tiny room until you have to take all that stuff OUT of that tiny room! LOL My aunt was here last fall and said I had a lot of stuff - she doesn't know the half of it!
Thanks for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful week!

Barbee' said...

I think your 'nest' is great! We do much the same as you and your husband. :)

Rue said...

Hi Carla :)

Thank you so much for coming by on the tour! Sounds to me like you have a great set-up with everything at your finger tips. Kinda makes me wonder what the kids have been up to while I'm in here blogging LOL