Thursday, August 7, 2008

The livingroom friends: (houseplants)

Our living room is currently VERY bright-receiving both East & Western sun through big windows the plants love it! {Hopefully they will still love it when I find the right curtains to go over the sheers we have now, because all though the plants love it-our air conditioner DOESN'T!:}

On hubby's (empty) 75 gallon fish tank is a pot of var pothos (from when my dad's funeral), lil philo, swiss cheese (from FTW plant swap:)-this baby is buggy and currently under treatment. Looks like its working.

On the corner section of the couch-left to right: a really cool airplane plant with wonderful orange highlights (had to find the perfect spot for this one, bright light but not FULL sun), var peace lily (after being totally tortured it is completely growing back and likes this spot), and this tag less wonder (the generic tag said 'tropical bright light' which I took to mean full sun-NOT it burned up on my front porch-actually everywhere I put it outside was too sunny-but in the living room it gets the light and loving it needs) {I guess you could say I 'pre-tortured' all three of these-and they forgave me-so they are now pets}


Schotzy said...

Good morning, Carla. I am glad you enjoyed my 1000 gifts at my site, but I have to tell you I was blown away when i first saw it over at and who originated it. It is a rel blessing to just be attuned to watching for the daily gifts from God. I am becoming so enrichd by the small gifts he sends my way everyday! Please jump right in! I know you, too, will be blessed! And have a lovely day!

Lisa Loo said...

I love how you really love plants and growing things--I love all your photos and descriptions cuz it's not my "season" for growing things but I love lurking on your site and enjoy yours.

Little GrumpyAngel said...

You have a new look on your blog. I like it. I heard it's really healthy to have plants indoors. I wish plants like me. They don't seem to presently :-)