Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Garden Tour (or met my babies): Little herb bed...

Birthday Purchases:

These were purchased with my birthday money (again-thanks mom!)

I WAS going to plant dryish herbs in this wheelbarrow, but it holds water-so instead of drilling lots of drain holes, I decided later I will plant waterlovers in the wheelbarrow.

planted mints (choc & mountain)here

SO, in this rectangle shaped pot I planted some heat-dry-out-between-watering-ers.

Roses left to right: wild blue yonder, ebb tide, burgundy iceburg
Back row: golden oregano-origanum vulgare, onion chives-allium schoenopnasum, garlic chives
Front row: wedgewood thyme-thymus vulgaris, caraway thyme-thymus herba-barona

I have marjoram and reg oregano to add later.

I cant wait till it fills in! Next the Secret Garden!

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