Monday, August 18, 2008

Kreative blogger award!!!

Nola tagged me!!!!!

Thank you, Nola! I don't know how 'creative' I am, but I do know what makes me happy!
You are to share six things about yourself that make you happy; then pass the award along:

Here are my six happy things:

1. My God-kind of an Eternal, deep, deep happy
2. My family-just thinking of them, or spending time with them warms my soul
3. God's creations-I feel an energizing energy from them.
4. Thunderstorms and overcast days-the gloomier the better.
5. Shopping-I REALLY like to shop!
6. Blogging-and old dog CAN learn new tricks!

Now I'm going to hand this on over to three other "kreative" bloggers:
1.(Un-)Grumpy Angel
2. Stay at Home in Suburbia
3. Be It Ever So Humble

Have fun and keep the award moving along!


Little GrumpyAngel said...

Carla, thanks for the tag and award. I don't know if I'm that creative, but I like this particular tag, so thanks! I love your 6 things. They're almost the same six things I'd choose, honest. But I'll try to come up with new ones and not be a copy-cat :-). I'm going to think about this one before I post.

Dianna said...

Thanks for the award and tag. It sounds fun. Life has been crazy, but I'll try to get it done in the next year or so. ;)

Thanks so much! I enjoy reading your blog.

Dianna said...

Thanks so much, Carla! I'm finally catching up on everything and will post this on Friday.