Monday, August 18, 2008

Magic Soap!!!

In this bottle is a magical power.

A power that controls two little girls.

A power to potty train.
At our house when you go peepee or poopooo in the potty you get to use the "Special Soap"
Yes, we are just WILD AND CRAZY HERE! AND we LOVE our Special Soap!


Dianna said...

Great idea! We're thinking about starting potty training soon. We have a soap bottle shaped like a duck that Red Chief loves.

Nola said...

Does that work on husbands (bad aim, you know)? If it does, I will buy a 55 gallon drum of it.....hehehehe!

Nola said...

Carla, I just sent you the Kreative Blogger award.... See my blog for instructions on what to do (Sorry to leave this msg as a comment, but i didn't see an address anywhere to email you)

TJ said...

Wow I need some of that soap! Ok, not me, but if soap would help Mo potty train, I'd be all over it.