Saturday, August 9, 2008

They Asked For IT!!!! The War Is ON!!!


I don't leave the door open-yet in they come!
I don't have little ones in and out all day-yet in they come!
I don't have a husband home to leave the door open-yet in they come!

So I have thought about it! I swat and swat (kill and kill) yet more and more!
Well today it became clear. Old Mellow (10+) is sssslllloooowwww to go in and out. They are coming in the back door! I'm going to hang a ziplock bag full of water by the back door, and as much as I hate it...

I bought flystrips-nasty sticky flystrips! BTW the package says you can get the sticky off of stuff using peanut butter or veg oil. Good to know....


drawing by spellcasterlenni


SAH in Suburbia said...

We have a war with fruit flies...every summer they come and take up permanent residence in my kitchen. Yes, DIE FLIES DIE!!!!!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Aren't they just annoying? Go Girl!I support this war :-)
By the way your comment about the quiz was funny! Your results is so opposite a "mellow" life. Shows how silly some of this blog quizzes are ...
Hey -- I love your blog's new look! where did you get the new lay-out?