Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm an organizing fool!

Not really:) I do like things orderly-I just don't like organizing it:). We moved here in May 08. The kitchen was organized, but not so anything could be added (like all the boxes I still have to unpack). I put it off and put it off. Then hubby brought in the freezer. It has to go in the kitchen (not where I want it-but that is the only place for it). SO, I had to move the baker's rack out. It had a bread box, pots and pans (waiting for the pot rack to be hung up), big stuff like the electric fryer, crock pot, roaster etc. It was messy looking and needed to be moved. But now I had to get off my rear and get it in gear:). Well, I prayed for some divine help, and Saturday I worked on reorganizing the kitchen. First I organized the spices, then the stapes, then the island. The island has to house canned goods, extra food, storage bags, and pots and pans.

This was the island before. Nice and organized right? But nothing different can be added without causing a mess. Notice the wooden column in the back?

This wooden column or 'box' housed the electric cord for a outlet. IT WAS HUGE! What a waste of space (and in my way)

Closer inspection showed it was loose-so I pulled it apart (Just exactly WHY there was a plastic glove in there?????)

I did the same on the bottom shelf and found NASTY GROSS MOUSE DROPPINGS!!! I had to show hubby-he said with our cats we shouldn't have mice. We discussed taking a kitten and stuffing it down that hole to kill the mouse/mice. In the end we bought a mouse trap-nasty gross mice!

Back to the task at hand-top shelf left side-I used a leftover cabinet door (from dishwasher install-thanks hubby) for my divider. That way I can have two layers of rows of cans.

This is the right side of cabinet-I put them in abc order (except Bush Baked Beans and Tomatoes). And made a list of what we needed to fill it up the rest of the way.

Then to Walmart we went. Hubby did the adding (he is a math freak-yes-I said freak-the man LOVES math! I say 'more power to him') and bought what was needed
-ONLY what was needed-
AND a little mini rose (my addiction)
AND Diet A&W (hubby's addiction)

$98.98 (PLUS stupid gas money) later (I only wanted to spend $100.00 on food storage): Left side of organized island cabinet

Right side of organized island cabinet-aren't the rows pretty?

And because I miss counted here are the extra cans-and the noodles that go in another cabinet. When I open the cabinets now-they sing! (Well, all but two that I'm working on today:)

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Little GrumpyAngel said...

Wow, Carla! You are one busy and productive girl! I'm somewhat jealous (in a good way!) :-) You have a beautiful garden and now an organized kitchen. I wish you were my neighbor I can learn a lot from you. Gardening and organizing are not quite in my skills set. That's why I like visiting your blog...I feel motivated to get those skills when I look at your results.