Thursday, August 14, 2008

The garden tour (or meet my babies): Secret garden pt 2

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Focal point, my favorite view. I love my arbor, I love my pond, I love love LOVE my angel. I love how she overlooks the pond.

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On the left in the first pot: many clematis, purple hyacinth bean vines, Aphrodite Rose of Sharon Athela, small green/gold ground cover. The pot in the pond is my bog garden with papyrus, snake plant, calla lily, var asparagus, fox tail, taro, cardinal flower, bush from lake. Behind the pond are cannas, root beer plant.

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The pond has hyacinth and duck weed, two lilies (all from FTW swap), I think all my water lettuce died:(

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Double Red (more maroon) Rose of Sharon Athela, many clematis, jewel of opar, and hyacinth bean. The pot behind it has var green/gold artesmia.

*athlea db purple 07/08
I love the full bloom next to the unopened red flower bud.

Toon in next time for the finale!


Anonymous said...

I love the double red althea. It is a gorgeous color. I understand why you love your garden angel. She is wonderful.

Always Growing

Nola said...

How pretty, love the arbor and angel!
If you want something to quickly cover the arbor, try a hummingbird (aka cardinal climber) vine. The will grow from seed and cover it within a year. They are annual, but reseed themselves and come back from year to year; they do well in the Tx heat.

DP Nguyen said...

I love the angel and the color in your garden!

Tracy said...

You have a beautiful "secret garden". I love angels, too. :)

Schotzy said...

Hi, Carla, Youa sked about how to do collage. All you have to do is download picasa- it is a free google site that keeps all your photos and you can use them in arious ways. you can collage a set of ohotos jsut by pressing a button! Very easy.