Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday! 01/26/09 inside friends

For Bloomin' Tuesday, I'm spot lighting some of my inside plants (cold and ucky outside bbbrrrr,)

Blurry pic (sorry), new growth on the ZZ, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, from a plant trade (look close at bright green on the plant on the left) SO EXCITING!! (also Draceana and Ponytail plants)

Bathroom kalachoe buds, this is really the most tolerate plant (IF you don't drown them), I can't wait til they open up for me! Most are the old fashion red, and I think I have some new fancier colors in there too. We'll see:)

Saturday I treated myself to a stop at Home Depot (plant department-of course), and some new friends, this big philo was on sale and wanted to come home with me, here it is beside my old baby rubber tree plant (on left)

Close up of my philodendron hybrid, 'Autumn', I have good luck with these (unless they are left out in the hot summer sun, for weeks, during a move, can you say 'burnt to a crisp'?)

Alocasia Polly (thank goodness for tags), I had this beauty before, and paid full price for this replacement (either burnt crisp or drown victim from the move)- so Miss Polly here better do her part:)

A red cyclamen, I never get one of these, but my uncle grows these outside so I thought I would give it a try (I'm was concerned about it melting in the summer heat-but his survived:), I bought a pink too. I love the blooms which remind me of butterflies, and the leaves which remind me of wild ginger. Currently it is smiling at me in the kitchen window:)

Cuttings from the expensive Jew, free on the floor cuttings from Lowe's, you can't tell, but the white stripes are tinged with pink

This was my succulent pot in 09/08, it is on the shelf above my kitchen window. I received so many zig zag and Christmas cactus cuttings I had to go to a bigger pot (tradigity, I know)

This is it today, can you see all the cuttings??? They are rooted, and some have new growth!! Woohoo!!!

This is the pot on the left side of the shelf above my kitchen shelf. These guys like lots of watering (unlike the succulent pot). This was taken 09/08

This is the same pot, same layout today. These little babies are growing nicely:)

Looking down at my most favorite grouping,

This was it 09/08, it sits on the window sill of the kitchen window

Here are the kalachoe (free on the store floor) cuttings in 09/08

Since then they have grown roots, new leaves, and is now working on budding:)
Must say again, this is a great plant:)

I had a large very neglected mother-in-law tongue plant that did well until I drowned it. I managed to save a leaf and was able to root it, I was so pleased to see this new growth (it is left of the fork)! This plant will get too big for this pot (in the window) but for now this is perfect.

Best picture so far of this pot-sickly mini roses have been removed, kalachoe and Christmas cactus, and red begonia are filling in nicely:)

This was my kitchen window 09/08

This is it today! Makes washing those dishes a little more pleasant!

Hubby just called to inform me of the pending ice storm (our first this winter), and that it was too cold for his old basset to be outside:) I asked if that was his reason for calling, he said the too cold for the old basset was a second thought, I was the first-but I wonder...{in case you too are concerned, BOTH the bassets are inside, safe and warm in their bed:}
Stay warm, stay safe:)
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday! Come join in or see others!


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Carla, wow you have alot of indoor plants! They are just beautiful and for you to know each one's name, I am impressed!
I also have cyclamens outside. They like cold weather. Mine bloom from December through spring. They keep coming back year after year!

Aiyana said...

You have a great collection! I have just a few house plants--since we can grow thing outdoors all year (almost) I just don't bother with many of them. I do bring in about 10 cold sensitive cacti and succulents every November, but they go back out in March.
BTW--Love your header quote. So true!

Valerie said...

I can only keep a Peace Lilly alive. Everything else dies on me.
Take care and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have a beautiful green jungle indoors Carla! I use to have tons of houseplants years ago until the animals kept nibbling at them. :( Must make the dreary days of winter more pleasant for you surrounded by all that foliage & blooms.

Connie said...

Wow, what a huge assortment of indoor plants. I have only two, and one is the baby of the other!! It's a Philodendron.

Nice to be surround by so much greenery, huh? Especially waiting on an ice storm!! We're waiting on a snow storm here, with a bit of ice mixed in. Lovely weather.

Thanks for sharing.

The Raggedy Girl said...

The change is the kitchen is amazing. How nice to have a green thumb. I am a plant killer myself!
Have a great green day and stay warm by cuddling with those puppies.
Roberta Anne

Unknown said...

Wow! You have a lot of plants to tend to inside. I started seedlings and am bringing those in and out depending on our fickle Florida weather. Ice storm? Heck no! I too, love to shope off of the floor at Lowes!!

Aubrey said...

I have I told you (lately LOL) how envious I am of your green thumb! They look great and I can't wait to see them in the spring!

Jean said...

I envy those that do so well with inside plants. I'm not good with them at all. It must make winter a little more tolerable with all the greenery inside. Looks like everything is growing very well! Jean

Nola said...

What is that first plant? I've never seen it, or heard of it! You've got a ton of plants in the house, looks like a greenhouse.

Unknown said...

wow thats amazing...all those beautiful plants when everything is brown and dreary out this time of yr...I wish i had a green thumb!

Stay warm and safe carla we had ice freezing rain and sleet since yesterday and it is still coming down here

playsdolls said...

Boy you have qalot of indoor plants and they are so beautiful.I am going to have to go give that on the floor at Home Depot a try and see what I can find.Love that idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carla,

Love that cyclamen!

Grammy said...

You have a green thumb! I love all your inside plants. And it dose make your widow happy.

Janet, said...

Wow, you remind me of Charley's mother. She could grow anything! She was always starting plants. Me, I don't have a lot of inside plants, seems I let them die a lot. Plus we don't have a lot of room for them. You have quite a collection.

TJ said...

Ick on the ice storm!

Good luck with the cyclamen, I've killed every last one I've touched. They are supposed to be like african violets in care, but I have a beautiful african violet on my desk, and no cyclamen. I love indoor plants, but at my house they are too tempting for the kitties. So my office is a green house. Makes my workspace more calming.

Anonymous said...

My mom also loves plants. Right now she has many kinds of anthurium at home. our homw is so green. Lol.

SOmetimes I do not realize that it is home. It looks like small jungle at the second floor. Lol.