Monday, January 19, 2009

Progress: Lasagna Carla Style;)

Oh Yea Baby! This looks like hubby's lasagna...

But mine looks more like this:

I haven't read the book, but I understand the process, this link on shows a gardener's photos of creating a flower bed lasagna style (make sure you scroll all the way down to see all the beautiful pictures).
Successful mature beds here.
Or here.
{there was a gardener that did theirs start to finish with pictures and follow up, but I can't find it.)
Mine is not as fancy.
This is totally no dig,
first you layer cardboard (or thick newspaper) on top of grass (cut short),
over lapping well,
spread five or more inches of leaves on top,
with a thin layer of mulch (like pine needles-or just pine needles) to stop it from blowing away.
Plant your plants on top of the cardboard, tucking mulch around them.
Water well until established.
Plants will let you know when they are thirsty.
Before, I pulled up the landscape fabric (I was using until I had the materials I needed), pulled up the black berry vines that grew between the fabric, and used FREE bagged leaves and pine needles
(that I about had to pitch a fit to get-yah it rhymes-GRRRRR)


I layered (free) cardboard, overlapping well. Layered mulch thick. Then planted on top of the cardboard, surrounding each plant well with mulch. Already looking better! Had to wait for more mulch (GGGGGRRRRR)
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You can see the back of this corner by the front deck shows a bed I made last spring when we moved in.
I layered cardboard, then grass clippings, and after the clippings cooled off, I planted these plants directly ON the cardboard, tucking in the mulch around them. (they are back in the corner-castor bean and moonplant that got huge that season)

The bed is all extended, and all ready for next season:)...

These show the corner done, and left and right waiting to finish (pretty muchly just the plant line up)
Tomorrow you'll see it all done and planted.
I did this at a house we had before, and within three months the cardboard was already breaking down, and the plants were thriving! At first they do need water, and you can't sow seeds in the mulch, but sowing in a pile of dirt works great while waiting for the cardboard to break down. If you have clay waiting for it to break down more might work better (the author recommends you wait a season before planting).
Leaves/Pine needles=free,
Easy and Free???
Happy Happy Me!
Tomorrow starts the plant line up...

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Gail said...

Wonderful post!

TJ said...

Both lasagnes look great to me! I have heard of the technique but haven't tried it. I'm still trying to tame my front garden, which always ends up in weeds.

Have a great day!

Rhonda said...

Hmm well I have no garden skills and it's like another language to me. I guess this does simplify it some. But still, I think I'll stick with making my own lasagna noodles and go with the first pic! lol

The Raggedy Girl said...

I so want to try this and am going to stake out a little corner for myself and give this a try. Thank you!
Roberta Anne

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

I think both lasagnas look good to. I'm not a gardener myself; we planning to build some new flower beds for our yard this spring/summer. But I'm counting on my husband, because I'm kinda clueless about it.

Grammy said...

You are adding to my spring fewer. I have started my list of seed to buy. Now you remind of the caster bean plant I bought last year was still small and I did not get seed from it so I have to look for another. I am catching up on my sleep today and last night. So I am hibernating at this time I guess.

Rhonda said...

Hey Carla, thanks for asking. I could tell the next day when the lidocaine wore off (OWIEEE!) because the injection soreness set in. Right now I haven't been able to tell a difference but they said it could take 3-5 days and the first one took over a week and a half before I realized I was moving a little easier. If I'm still hurting in a couple weeks I guess I'll set up the neurosurgeon appt. ugh :(

Anonymous said...

I am a garden freak. I'll have to check this out.