Saturday, November 1, 2008

ME So Retro!

SS Mikey let me use his car to go to town in-
I went to the bank, and accidently rolled down the window, that didn't roll back up, so I came home with the windows down, FLYING down the road (at 60 miles an hour), wind whipping my hair...
in the 1980's model corvette (THE CAR rich kids in my school had:)
And on the radio comes
I turned it up and with the wind in my hair, sang along, feeling SUPER COOL!!!

{goodness, Michael Jackson was a goodlookin thing!!!}
No matter how you feel about Michael Jackson, his songs (of the 80's) live on forever!!!
Superbowl fun:

If your into a 'cleaner' verson: (Thomas the Train and friends:)

Thriller! Its everywhere!!!


onlymehere said...

I still love the song Thriller! THanks for taking me back to the early days of my courtship and marriage!!

Nola said...

Sounds like a blast from the past. For me, I'd have to go back one more decade! I don't even remember what the really hot cars were in high school, but the song would be "Bad Company"!

Shauna said...

LOVE the car!! I am a 80's girl too :)

Anonymous said...

Aww...brought back memories of my teenage years again. I am a 80's girl myself!

Grammy said...

What a thrill it is to feel the wind blow at you ride. I get bike with draw some times. A year ago. Our roofer drove past on a
old sportster. I stopped him and said I need a ride. lol. He said ok. I went inside and blew off the dust on Jerry's helmet. As mine is still packed some where. And away we go. I did not know if it was the size of the bike or the driver being so skinny. But when we took a turn we were so low to the ground it was like panic. I have never had a curve turn to where you can almost touch the ground with your hand. So I learned a lesson. No most rides with little guy's on little bikes. LOL .
I am so glad you got a blast from the past. I love them.

Little GrumpyAngel said...

That is one hot car! Did you feel like a hot chick driving it? :-) Yes, I love the 80's. My carefree days. And Michael Jackson was truly KING (sorry Elvis) until he went weird on all of us ;-(