Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday! 11/25/08 pt 2

Front deck corner (what I see out my front door)
Before freeze warning

Same corner with tender plants on porch (ready to bring in quickly)
Notice the Maroon Maple Sugar Hibiscus
Large pot: Bird of Paradise, running rose, yellow violas (in memory of my MIL), snapdragons, iris and grass; white pot: mint, sweet potato vine, yellow violas, grass, snapdragons

When I brought the Maple Sugar Hibiscus inside, I was surprised to see blooms!
They are the same color as the plant. Amazing!

Last blooms, the Maple Sugar Hibiscus is really washed out from the flash, it is more like the above picture:)
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Unknown said...

Love those thriving, luxuriant plants in the first photo.

Grammy said...

Oh how wonderful, Thanks for sharing you blooms.
Big hug.

Aiyana said...

Pretty blooms. The Hibiscus is a nice color. Have a great Thanksgiving,

Zaroga said...

Beautiful blooms.

Oh a hint on the flash. Drape a tissue or a light-weight white fabric over the flash... it will soften the light.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Samantha said...

Lovely blooms! Hurricane Ike destroyed most of my flower beds. Though my paperwhites are starting to bloom!