Monday, November 24, 2008

to you Kodak Photo Program!

I have figured a way around you!
(you no longer have the power over my computer and my life)
I have completely removed you from my computer!
(no longer will you automatically come up-and freeze up my computer-making it impossible for me to do ANYTHING)
I have downloaded Picasa2 (FREE ONLINE)
I have had hubby fix my camera chip plug in on my computer!
(I am no longer reliant on your power draining port!!)
I have downloaded, edited, and posted using the 'blog this' button on my NEW FREE Picasa2 program!
(No more moving pictures from Kodak, to Microsoft, and such, just a click away from progress!)
Posted by Picasa

To You Kodak Photo Program!
(I love my camera though:)
{gracfully stated by Metro Kitty}


Nola said...

How did you make that cat stick his/her tongue out? It's too cute!!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh wow, that cat! Is it just my computer or is that cat's eyes turquoise? What a photo!

Grammy said...

Great picture. Glad to here you found a way around the program. I use adobe photo delux.
Have a great day my friend feel free to use my turkey pic too.

Lorilee said...

Love the kitty! I use Adobe photo album most of the time. We use it for all three cameras.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

You tell them Carla! Nice touch with the kitty giving the raspberry, lol.

Zaroga said...

LOL ! Love it!


SAH in Suburbia said...

We love Picasa!!