Friday, May 13, 2011

Tomatoes 05/11

This is planted in one of those garden tote things on wheels, in case I decide to take it to the camper.
It has one Speckled Roman Roma (in back), three Sweet'n Neat Scarlet tomatoes (in front), Homestead Purple Verbena, Crimson w/eye Verbena, Boxwood Basil, and a Lilac colored periwinkle.

These little Sweet'n Neat (cherry) tomatoes only get 18" tall:).
I found them on sale and think this size is perfect for this pot.
(they also had a Tumbling Tom but I think this upright mini tomato plant will work better for me)


Hubby loves the red-I love the purple...

All Walmart had was this brown or black so I picked brown.
They USED to have really bright colored totes.

~Big Smile~

I planted (left) two Arkansas Traveler tomatoes (med pink size), and beefstakes (right front) Mortgage Lifter, (back right) Old German Tomatoes.
Also yellow squashes...

See the little green sticks near the edge? 
I accidentally broke off my Old German and Mortgage Lifter Tomato plants and, because they have such great root systems, I hope they recover...

But I'm rooting the tops as back up.

Cherry tomatoes: (left two) Orange Sunsugar, (back) Yellow Pear, (right) Red Juliet; basil, sweet yellow pepper, marigolds...

I didn't want lots of one type of  tomato plants, I wanted less but special heirloom tomatoes.
I went to the plant store after 4 tomato plants: 1 beefstake, 1 roma, 1 red cherry, 1 yellow pear cherry tomatoes.
I came home with 13 tomato plants: 4 beefstakes, 1 roma, and 4 cherry tomatoes, 4 Sweet'n Neat mini cherry tomatoes.
(and I had to really narrow it down:)
Even tho our Spring season seems to be running late,
most people in our area are already harvesting tomatoes, we start early here in East Texas.   

Except for the Yellow Pear Cherry tomato, we haven't tried these types and we are really excited. 

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Very nice:)


Lisa Loo said...

Wow--already harvesting??! Amazing! I'm still waiting for our last frost! We don't plant anything till the first of June. Your tomatoes are beautiful.....

Paula said...

Wow - love your tomatoes! I wish I were on the road with you, love to travel and haven't been able to for a while. Have so much fun! Paula in IDaho

Penelope said...

I love tomatoes and basil…a perfect salad (with a bit of olive oil too!)