Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FEMA (camper) tour

Come on in!! I call her FEMA.
She is so lovely.
If I had a disaster, and the government pulled up with one of these to tide me over, I think I'd be pretty happy.
Who ever had this one took good care of it.  
What tales could Ms. FEMA tell?

Just inside the front door.

~Ohhhh Ahhhhhh~
Had to add a little bling.
(Sweet hubby actually thought it had liquid in it, love him, I really do)

A big selling point was the full size fridge. 

To the left are two very long bunk beds, straight ahead the toilet/tub, sink and cabinet to right.

Bathroom:  toilet, tub/shower.
(Later I will jazz it up with a cooler shower curtain.) 
This is a park model, so no holding tanks.

Looking back.
I love the neutral colors.
I love the vinyl on the floor too.

Bathroom sink and medicine cabinet (complete waste of space in my opinion).

Big closet/cabinet (I want to add shelves in here soon), kitchen.

Kitchen, LOVE the counter space between the sink and stove top.
Also love the large sinks.
Everything works great.

Couch and (in the way) bedroom door. 
(Notice hubby's new sweetheart, Sheila the Dish, she will have her own post later:). 

(tight) Walking room on my side of the bed.

Bed with a little nightstand on one side, closet on the other.

Closet and walking room on other side of bed.

Area for TV.

Back in the living room looking out the front door.  Notice all the space to the left for cabinets. 
Actually there is LOTS of future cabinet space. 
(I have BIG plans, now I just have to coax the hubs;)

Queen Uno says "Y'all come back now ya hear?"
Uno loves to sneak in the camper when the door is open, so we always have to do a 'cat sweep' when we shut it up. 


Colette S said...

Wow. I've always wondered how inside of a camper looks. Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Lisa Loo said...

It is really lovely! I don't think I have ever seen one with such a large fridge!

Love that you have to do a "cat sweep" :0)

Penelope said...

It looks really nice and homey…Queen Uno is so cute.

Penelope said...

It looks really nice and homey…Queen Uno is so cute.