Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh You Beautiful Doll

Once upon a time I had a sweet baby doll (just a mere FORTY years ago.)
I loved her, and she loved me.
Actually, I loved her to death.
Sooooo, thanks to EBAY I have bought a replacement.
(because I didn't wait until the perfect match came along,
I first bought two little ones that were close)

Close but not exact.

Isn't she precious?
She has no tears, no clothes, and needs a bath.
I am in love.
My old one was named Suzy, this will be Suzy II.
Welcome Suzy:).
{if you know of any one interested in two small Horsman 1970ish dolls let me know}
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1 comment:

Lisa Loo said...

Congrats! You will have to post a pic when she is all cleaned up!