Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter (pt 1) 2011

The Saturday before Easter Sunday, we do Easter at my mom's.
Mom has decided we need to celebrate birthdays twice a year, so the first half of the year-rs had cake.
Best part of this was the 'team' it took to like those candles!!
Look at the cake all 'ablaze.'
Happy Birthday Mom, Uncle Gary, Aunt Rena, Son-in-law Ralph, and Uncle Fred:).
(Missing is SS Aaron, DIL Angel:)

Grandkids LauraJune (4), David (3) and Jeremiah (1.5) had a blast doing eggs.
This always proves entertaining.

Grandboy Kale (4 mos) made a surprise visit.

This was Miah's first Easter egg hunt and he was precious!!
The weather was great, and the grandkids had so much fun!!

Spending the day with these granddarlings is the best!!!

Best Wishes from my 'Grandbunnies' to you!!
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Colette S said...

This looks like a fun tradition. Glad you all had fun with the whole family! Love the photos.