Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rocky Mountain High 03/11

Usually, every year, hubby and I take a little trip to the coast. 
This year, however, we went a different direction, we went North. 
Northwest from East Texas, North to Denver, then West into the Rocky Mountains. 
This was a working vacation for hubby. 
 (ALL vacation for me:)
Tiny Minor's Cabin, Builder's Model Home
Our in-laws are re-doing their little (darling) Minor's cabin,
and the builder they are using does some amazing work. 
We were able to go see some of his creations. 
I can't wait to see what they design together.
The landscape was interesting,
and we saw this group of mountain sheep nearly everyday.
Hubby was able to sneak up and get this close-up of MR. Ram. 
Great shot. 
I think this herd was more of a domestic group,
every time we went to the model house they were there.  
While hubby was inside talking 'shop' with the builder,
I was able to sit outside in our truck and watch SheepTV.
 (Very relaxing)

We stayed at a casino in BlackHawk (impressive),
where there wasn't much snow on the ground,
but just around the corner the snow was 5 foot deep. 

Hubby and I went for a little walk along the creek

(I call them rivers, but the Colorado folks call them 'creeks').
Walking with the hubs is sooooooooooo romantic...
Pictures don't do justice.

Frozen waterfall, romantic walks with hubby, great purple paint action in Georgetown, Co.
Hubby and In-Laws did the pre-build leg work in such a sweet Georgetown, set in a valley,
and the weather was so beautiful,
I was able to spend hours walking up and down the streets looking at the darling small Victorian houses and shops.
Almost every building had some purple on it, and I love purple.

Our 'work-cation' ended with a marvelous evening at the Denver, Colorado Temple. 

Good times...good times...
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i cant decide said...

Wow! Great pictures and you took me back in time.

My husband worked at a mine up past Georgetown when we lived in Colorado an I have been to the casino in Blackhawk a few times. Neat!

Lisa Loo said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like you all were having a wonderful time. I was born in Colorado!