Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last August we took our 'new' FEMA camper on its maiden voyage.
We had previously checked out a local state park (Caddo Lake State Park) and really looked forward to going, just hubby, myself, and our 'new' camper, and the new basset puppy.
lil Jeremiah, Misty, Ralph, David, LauraJune 08/10
Daughter, Misty, and family asked to join us...
too cool!
She offered to provide all the food (yummmmy),
son-in-law Ralph was a wonderful helping hand,
and those grandkids provided ALL the entertainment.

The air conditioner metal cover thingy was smashed in, so my men-folk climbed up there and covered the hole with a box
(thank goodness I ALWAYS have cardboard boxes around;).
We used 2x4s to hold our little portable air conditioner in place.
We used BOTH air conditioners (just in case) and needless to say we woke up freezing.
Inside our camper.

Outside, David and LauraJune found a place where the air conditioner drips off the roof and had so much fun gathering little pots of water (one drip at a time), they played for hours with the water.
Every time Misty changed them out of their wet stuff they went right back to the water.
They figured out they could make little wet hand prints on the back bumper...darling...

We forgot the wading pool, so Misty filled the big cooler with water and oh the fun that was had...
The bugs weren't too bad,
and the grands were grand...
(Caddo Lake State Park has a FREE, cool hands on museum thingy)...

Misty brought her pooch (blue heeler/lab mix) which is the BEST dog ever,
and we took our basset puppy LadyBelle.
We kept LadyBelle wore out.
I don't know who napped more, her or the grands. 

What did we learn?  
It pulls great.  
The water hose used for hooking up needs to be high pressure. (or it will SPLIT)
The door to the bedroom is in the way when the couch is pulled out. 
Check ALL windows and vents before leaving (thank goodness my daughter's fam was following us to let us know we had left them open.)
Duct tape is wonderful.
Who you call to make reservations is not necessarily on-site.  (I called a switchboard, and the guy said it was on the water, and it wasn't.)
Make sure you ask about water, electric, sewer hook up.  (I didn't get sewer hook up, so we used the woods or walked down to the potty)
If you invite others, they can pull the boat for you;). 
Life is just better with loved ones. 
(We never really camped with our kids when they were little, and we should have. 
It is a big regret I have.  But we can now, and I'm very excited:)

Thanks guys for a GREAT memory!!


SAH in Suburbia said...

THis looks like such a fabulous time!!! Kids can be entertained by the funniest of things sometimes. What great memories!!!

Lisa Loo said...

This sounds like so much fun! Love that little kids can find so much fun in such little things :0)

Rhonda said...

looks like a fun time for ALL! We always MEAN to take a lot of summer camping trips but life gets so stinking in the WAY! Last summer we did not go at ALL. Hoping to fix that and try harder this summer! :)

Grammy said...

So much fun, I love it. :)