Friday, May 27, 2011


Once upon a time we had just the right property for goats.
I love goats.
I would much rather have goats eat tall grass down, than mow it.
Also their manure is very mild, and you don't have to wait til it ages to use it.

We loaded up the (teen) kids and went to the sale-barn.
I don't remember how many we bought,
but I do remember most were mini-sized,
and one was a long-legged, long-eared Nubian. 
The plan was to buy a lot cheap, and weed out the ones we didn't want.

We named them alphabetically,
and the soft brown, doe-eyed,
long eared Nubian was named "Chocolate Donut".
Later it was shortened  to "Donut".
Donut was the bottom of the pecking order,
even the smallest goat would stand on her and butt her in the head. 
Very funny, and very sad.
We eventually sold all the goats but our Donut.

Donut wasn't like the other goats.
She didn't run in a pack.
She didn't cry if she was left alone.
Actually she didn't hardly cry at all.
Maybe soft a "naa" if  you approached her.

She didn't butt you, or try to escape her pen or lead.
She like to have the kids lay on her and pet her.  
One day our Donut disappeared.
Our guess was the mountain lion took her.
Hopefully she didn't suffer.
What a gentle soul.

When we moved from that house,
restrictions didn't allow for goats.
Hubby and I found this metal planter,
and I thought of her.
My Donut.
I figure she could be our camper mascot.
Right now she is my front porch mascot.

"See  Donut?" I said to my (adult) kids when they came over,
as I pointed to my new planter.
They knew just what I meant.

Donut is planted with easy, hardy, low water plants.
Sedums, Small Happy Day Daylily, and a mini-Rose. 

It is filling in great.

I will probably be taking it to the camper in June.
And I think I will tie a pretty colored ribbon or rope around my Donut's neck:)

Fertilizer Friday

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Lisa Loo said...

That is such a sweet story. We had goats and they were a MESS. I will never have another one! But yours is sweet and cute---LOVE it!