Monday, July 6, 2009

Two Different Easy Self Watering Containers

Hubby (finally) put together our self watering pots.
Youtube is full of wonderful cheap ideas.
The first box he made with TWO storage containers. Each container is about 10 bucks, strainer about 2, making the total under $25.

Yea hubby!! (my grands were on hand to help also:)

One style is to cut off the bottom of one, and this is the reservoir for water.
Drain holes, and a hole for a strainer (to wick up water from reservoir to soil) are added next.

Here hubby is being supervised by the grands.
(I must comment my hubby loves little helpers)

Put the cut off bottom (with holes and strainer) in the not cut up container, add a pipe for filling, a hole down low for overflow, (we used a lid to hold the pipe in place) and TA DA!!!

Grand David and LauraJune were almost as impressed as I was:)
(actually they just wanted to hold the puppy:)

While looking on Youtube for directions we came across a plan where you just take these water containers, empty them, cut their bottoms off, put them in one container, make a fill hole, put in a fill pipe (she used water bottles), over flow hole, and

Ta Da!!!
I must say the second way was SO EASY!!! In this style the water wicks up from the spaces between the water containers that has been filled with soil. The storage container was just under 10 (I'm using big containers), the water containers were 2.5 each, I needed 4, so just over $20.
(I had an old container I went ahead turned into a SWC, and if you use these type of water containers normally this would be really recycling)
We decided to 'experiment' with both styles. Check out these videos-easy as pie:)

Thanks Hubby!!! (and of course my models, LauraJune, David and Frankiebaby:)


Nola said...

That's amazing. I never think of checking youtube! I'm so techno-challenged, I need all the help I can find!

Becca's Dirt said...

Neat idea. Hubby is very handy.

Zaroga said...

You come up with some great things... and have a handy DH.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi've got me interested. I'd like to see more. Maybe with the soil in it? I suppose I could watch some related vid's. Amazing..thanks & for stopping by-

Gail said...

Wonderful idea! I used to use pipe when I planted roses. Plant them really deep and you can get right to the roots by pouring water in the pipe.
I think I would keep your handy man.

Rhonda said...

ya'll are just great "do it yourselfers!"

good job!

just jody said...

aren't these great containers....and cheap! i planted my potatos and carrots in them. had my first new little potatos this past sunday..........yum!

Grammy said...

Hubby did a great job !
Wishing the the best with ultimate success.

Heather said...

what a great idea. i must admit i never have seen one of these before, but i'd love to make one of them!

Tootsie said...

VERY good idea...great post!