Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally The Princess' Have a Castle

I set out to find a small doll house with furniture for the girls I babysit as well as my grands. Something small and easy. Something durable. Something cheap.

At Goodwill I found this house (which folds nicely) and many people for under $4.00. My daughter added some people too. Was mostly girl dolls. I needed some menfolk.
THEN I went back and in the $1.00 for how much you could stuff in a bag bin I found Fisher Price People and furniture.
$5.00 total, and now the house is stuffed the max.
I also have been looking for a castle and knights. Goodwill had this sturdy one. It will work for now.
The girls I babysit insist the 3 My Pretty Ponies live in it. ALSO, I found this Princess Jewelery Box. Precious. SO, the Princess' who play here, have a home, a jewelery box, and castle.

Thrift shop score!!!


Rhonda said...

Score indeed!!!! NICE!

Tammy said...

Very cute! I have always loved yard sale and goodwill finds like this when it came to buying toys for my girls. To them, it was just as good as having it new!
Hope you're having a good summer...I'm trying to get caught up with blogging this week after being absent. (If you can, stop by...I'm having a giveaway!)

Gail said...

Don't you love good will?

mommy4life said...

Look like some great bargains! Thanks for stopping by earlier in the week for my SITS day!

Darla said...

When I had my home daycare I loved to score like this!! Great finds...