Monday, July 13, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday: 07/14/09

Many of my plants will be in the upcoming wedding, currently they are getting fed and watered (and much sweet talk).
Our son's wedding will be in hot hot hot hot hot hot (get the picture?) August.
My plants really struggle to get care during the summer,
so I'm sure they are going to love this attention.

Loving these colors together

I added some perilla (purple stuff) to the big tropical pot...
Added some sun coleus to the new combo pot...
My three asparagus fern and purple jews will be in the wedding also

Pokeberry blooms, with wonderful purple berries on the way (back ground)

This Pokeberry 'weed' is so big and really providing cover for my deck this year...
Red dragon fleece flower

Obedient plant is huge and about to blossom:)

Luna Hibiscus (dwarf)
Purple Porter-Weed (I think), with the tiniest bunch of flowers, Luna, and Jerusalem Sage
New combo pot actually bloomed at the same time:)
While watering this pot of mixed plants I found this cool moth...
Big sucker!
What is this?
How did the puppy get on this post?
Could it be,
Just possibly,
she's so
~Frankiebaby, squeezably cute~

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin'" Tuesday! Come join in or see others!

Check out Camera Critters to join in or see others:)
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Tootsie said...

your flowers are beautiful!!! I have had my pots in a wedding before too! It is a lot of pressure to make sure they are lovely for the big day!!! lol

Aiyana said...

The flowers are beautiful, and will really add to the wedding. You are right. The little dog is pretty cute!

Grammy said...

Frankie is just to bloomin cute! That is great that you are using your plants in the wedding. How cool.

Darla said...

I would be so nervous trying to tend to my containers knowing they were going to be in a wedding. Yours look great! That does look like purple Porterweed.

Suzanne said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I'm sure they'll be lovely for the wedding. We're having a daughter get married in late August too -- hope we can keep everything alive and well in the garden till then -- as the reception will be held in our back yard.
Frankie is adorable -- you're right So BLOOMIN' cute!!!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Your plants are really beautiful. I love all the greens and your flowers are such pretty colors. I think Frankie should be in the wedding. He would probably steal all the attention though.


Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

uh-oh, I am so sorry Frankie, I meant to say she.


Anya said...

Beautiful flowers,
soooooooooooo CUTE doggie :)

purss from Kareltje =^.^=
Greetings Anya :)

(Thanks for your visit
my blog is FUN FUN
and about my cat
and a little about me,
you are welcome :)

Snap said...

Beautiful flowers and Frankie is definitely squeezably cute!

Jean said...

Good to have you back, Carla! II love all your pots. The purples and burgundies look great against the green. Jean

Sue said...

Great plants, but I think I love the cute little puppy the best!

Laurie and Chris said...

Looks like perfect flowers for a wedding!!

Sue said...

Beautiful flowers. I love the hibiscus, really cute doggie too.

~~Rhonda said...

Your containers are beautiful! My favorite color combo is the asparagus fern and the purple wandering Jew. Great contrast. Have a happy wedding! ~~Rhonda :)

Unknown said...

She is blooming cute! :) Is a Luna Hibiscus like a morning glory? Never heard of them before.

Unknown said...

I love your mixed colours, the foliage, the blooms and the doggie! Bloomin' cute, really. That hibiscus is something!! Gorgeous! What a unique pattern the moth has...I don't think we have that kind here. (Wish we did though!)

All the best for the big day~~your plants are already looking good!!!

Nola said...

Frankiebaby is too cute, she should come play with my CHili!
Does that hibiscus make seed? If it does, I'd love some seed next spring! Yeah, like I need one more plant to water! I can't stop gardening, help....

Zaroga said...

Such beautiful flowers and plants you have! And the cutest pup!