Friday, July 20, 2012

FF: 7/20/12

 What would have me up before the sun??? 

 THIS!!  New plants, and new soil!!  (I went shopping:)

  Also trying to 'play' in the dirt before THIS 
Grandboy Kale, 19 mos old
 woke up. 
Didn't happen. 
SO after grandboy, Kale, had some breakfast, we went back out to the front porch to do some 'dirty' work.  Ok, not really work, but we did get good and dirty. 
Kale models the Scheurich Sprayman aka Grandma's new toy
 Mr. Kale stayed on the porch while I re potted. 
First playing with this super cool watering can-sprayer thingy.
Kale demonstrating how NOT to use the watering can:). 
Shortly after I had to put it up, because SOMEONE was chewing on it. 
Little beaver boy.   

 Mr. Man enjoyed watching the machinery from the work site next door.  Wish this little guest house had a glass door so I could leave the wood one open and he could watch the activity all day. He is able to catch some action from a side window.  Poor tortured soul. 
 Then we upgraded to a dog water bowl full of water and a cup.  This lasted the longest. 

Horse herb, ???, strawberry, squash, Pigeon berry and Horehound along back

 I decided to add my new treasures to this grow pot (which is so cool).  It is a self watering pot. I brought three with me, but since the homeowner already has a garden, and all my food plants were murdered died, I don't think I will be using two of them. 

 The pooches watched from inside, until SOMEONE started pouring water on the screen door, and I had to close it.  Poor pooches.
 When we went on our road trip to Wisconsin, I saw one of these at Target, and bought it for a souvenir.  I decided it would make a nice 'salad bowl'.  (I have a smaller one with succulents back at home)  I'm going to try salad greens in the summer.  They are not recommended here in our hot weather.  We'll see-won't hurt, that's for sure:). 

Today's players:
 At the Lowe's clearance rack I found:
healthy rosemary (which I needed)
And three different verbena (which I wanted;)
We have a solid red and purple at home. 
These are hardy in our neck of the woods. 
Shampoo Ginger
 I hope these live.  They were in one of the pots hubby DID NOT water while I was away.  Shampoo Ginger. 
Mail order. 
Boo hoo.
Boo hoo. 
 Took him a while but, he finally sat in the bowl.  Fun, fun, fun!
Added: purple and lt green sweet potato, verbena, coleus, Mexican flame vine.
 Ta-Da!!  Over planted, and I don't care.  I'll be taking it home this fall and putting it in the yard, so right now it is 'intense' planting.  :)

Orchids up front

 Now to my sad sad orchids. 

 My mini Sharry baby, who bloomed so well for me this spring.  No medium left.  how long can the poor dried up thing function on nothing?  So shriveled.  :(  I'm trying a new orchid 'soil'  we will see how it does. 
 My other Sharry baby.  I took a deep breath, and just ripped all the shriveled parts off.  All that was left was these three tiny babies.  :(  At our old house (before we moved to mom's) this was in my bathroom, and was thriving.  Then it got neglected and it is barely surviving. 
 Currently I'm using the bottom of a plastic cup, later I'll switch to one of those small clay pots.  *sigh*
 I put them back in the planter they sit in, used the cut off part of the red cup as a 'brace' for the orchid.  Nothing else holding it up.  *sigh*  Like I said, I hope they like the new orchid soil. 
 That stack a pot thing in back (REAL hard not to put my new flowers in it, but its only for edibles:), window box planter, and dumb cane.  Had to move that dumb cane before the sun REALLY hit it. 

 Went thru my seeds.  Can't decide what greens to plant in the salad bowl.  Other than mescalin, spinach, kale (the plant not the grandchild) beets, rocket, any suggestions?   I've got lots of spots.
New watering can, and tomato starts that go in the garden
 One more look at my new watering can.  First, its purple.  I love purple.  Second, its thick plastic.  Third, it has a SPRAYER on it!!!  Fourth, its see through!!!  Fifth, its got a nice handle for hanging. 
And sixth, its cool looking:) 
Gonna enjoy this one. 
{Silly son asked why someone would want a sprayer on their watering can!!  I have failed as a mother.;}

 Back inside everyone was frolicking on the bed.  Oh, the silliness!!

 The dumb cane (b-day present from hubs) was upgraded to this cool planter.  (Just plopped in)   But, I'm going to have to remove all that plastic wrap and ribbon, it hinders my watering skills. 
(and we don't need that hindered:). 
 Pretty birds. 
Tired baby.  He is so wore out.  Water does that for some reason.  Kale likes to suck his thumb and rub a 'silky' when he is tired.  Here he is using Reba's ear, she doesn't mind. 

Hope your Fertilizer Friday is fabulous. 


Julie said...

I know you are busy with your adorable house guest!!! Your post is so funny...watching this little guy and his fun antics!

Neat sprayer/watering can...have not seen one like it before!!!

I was on the edge of my seat to see if you would make it out to play in the dirt before Kale arose!!! If you would have, I would have been extremely jealous! That never happens here for me!!! :)

xoxo- Julie

Yael from Home Garden Diggers said...


Thanks for coming by my website. I love all of the pictures of your little garden helper. He is very cute. Enjoy your pot stacker. I have seen them and they look interesting.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Autumn Belle said...

I like your unusual looking watering can cum sprayer. It will certainly become a conversation piece. Kale is very cute and adorable.